3 Great Adventures is a promotional Australian DVD featuring one eighth series and two ninth series episodes.


Join Thomas for three great episodes in this special preview DVD.


  1. Thomas Tries His Best - It's carnival time! Thomas is worried that he'll miss the fun but he doesn't want to let The Fat Controller down. Will he deliver his load and get to the carnival?
  2. Thomas and the Circus - Thomas stubbornly insists on pulling the entire Circus Train by himself and quickly finds himself in trouble. He discovers the sharing the load makes things much easier and much more fun!
  3. Thomas and the Golden Eagle - Best friends, Thomas and Percy want to see the golden eagle which has been flying in Sodor's sky. The engines decide to halve one another's work, so they have time to try and spot the wondrous bird, but will their plan work?


  • The back cover reads that Thomas Tries his Best and Thomas and the Golden Eagle are from the wrong DVDs' that should be swapped.


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