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4-plank trucks are rolling stock used for transporting goods and materials throughout the railways, such as the North Western Railway.

They are also simply known as trucks in the UK narration or cars in the US narration.


The Railway Series

BoCo once accidentally took Bill and Ben's trucks. In an effort to retrieve their trucks back, the twins decided to play a trick on him. [1]

Some of these trucks once broke away from Edward and derailed when travelling on some bumpy rails. Edward did not realise this until Trevor called out to him. The guard applied the brakes, preventing a nasty accident. [2]

While passing through the Drain with a load of trucks, Ben was swamped by a wave that extinguished his fire. While Bill pulled away his trucks, Thomas tugged Ben out of the water. [3]

Thomas & Friends

A 4-plank truck loaded with rocks was seen at the lead mines, outside the entrance to a mine shaft.[4]

A 4-plank truck and many other trucks were used for an important job at Ffarquhar Quarry. According to Salty, a 4-plank truck was one of the trucks that knew his secret. [5]


A 4-plank truck has been seen amongst the Troublesome Trucks and these trucks are therefore cheeky and troublesome.

Technical Details


The 4-plank trucks are based on the real London, Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) 4-plank open wagons. These wagons were owned by the LMS with some later being owned by British Railways.


In the model series, the 4-plank trucks are painted in the same shade of grey with ''L M S'', "251786" and "5 9 0" painted in white on their sides. (In most of the 4-plank truck's appearances, the letters ''L'' and ''S'' are quite faded, however, in the second series episode, Cows, all of the lettering ''L M S'' is visible.)

In The Railway Series, the 4-plank trucks are painted in either the same or different shade of grey. The 4-plank trucks owned by the Sodor China Clay Company are painted in different liveries, such as blue, red, green, pink and brown, all with either "SODOR CHINA CLAY" or "BRENDAM'" painted on their sides in white. They also have numbers painted on their sides, also in white.



  • The "M" 4-plank truck has been released in the Motor Road and Rail and Bachmann lines; in the former, it is represented by a 7-plank Troublesome Truck.
  • The 4-plank truck from the television series is now in possession of Twitter user ThomasTankMerch. [6]
  • According to the date on the underside of the 4-plank truck, it was modelled on 9 December 1924. [7] This makes it the single oldest prop used in the television series.



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