75th Anniversary Edition: Thank You as Always! Thomas & Friends Masterpieces (Japanese: 原作出版75周年記念 いつもありがとう! きかんしゃトーマス名作集) is a Japanese DVD featuring 15 episodes, one from each series from the first series to sixteenth series (excluding the eighth series).


  1. Thomas and Gordon
  2. Percy and Harold
  3. Gordon and the Famous Visitor
  4. Rusty to the Rescue
  5. Cranky Bugs
  6. A Friend in Need
  7. Gordon and Spencer
  8. Thomas and the Rainbow
  9. Thomas and the Jet Plane
  10. Hide and Peep
  11. Saved You!
  12. The Biggest Present of All
  13. Merry Misty Island
  14. Up, Up and Away!
  15. Happy Birthday Sir!

Bonus Features




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