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This article is about the DVD. You may be looking for the American title of the first series episode.

A Big Day for Thomas is a US VHS/DVD featuring seven first series episodes narrated by George Carlin. It was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 1998 and again on VHS in 2003. It was also released on DVD in 2007 featuring two songs. Lionsgate released the title for digital download in 2013.


1998 VHS:

PEEP! PEEP! Thomas, Sir Topham Hatt, Henry and their friends have learned many lessons about being careful. They have selected their favorite stories to create this "best of" collection -- all about the importance of paying attention.

Come along as Thomas gets to pull his very own train -- with unexpected results! Watch what happens when Percy is careless and gets a nasty shock, and when snow jams a signal down and Henry runs into a disaster. Hop on board for these heartwarming tales from the Island of Sodor.

2003 VHS/2007 DVD:

PEEP! PEEP! Who's that pulling into the station? It's Thomas the Tank Engine, and he's ready to take you on another journey filled with exciting adventures on the Island of Sodor. Travel with Thomas when he gets to pull his very own train for the first time - - with unexpected results. Find out what really "shocks" Percy and hold your breath when some snow jams one of the Island's signals and leads Henry to disaster.

It's your Big Day, so get ready to join Thomas, James, Toby and the rest of your friends for non-stop fun. All Aboard!


  1. A Big Day for Thomas (Vol. 1)
  2. Percy Runs Away (Vol. 3)
  3. Thomas Breaks the Rules (Vol. 4)
  4. Henry's Special Coal (Vol. 3)
  5. The Flying Kipper (Vol. 3)
  6. Trouble for Thomas (Vol. 1)
  7. Toby the Tram Engine (Vol. 3)

Songs (DVD Release only)

  1. Toby
  2. Sir Topham Hatt

Bonus Features



  • The Hulu description incorrectly refers to this release as a Cuban music documentary.

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