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“Emily, you must go to Maithwaite and collect flowers for the new window-boxes..."
"Flowers? How lovely! I know all about flowers. I know that buttercups are yellow..."
"Emily! ...and then take them to Knapford Station."
"Yes sir.”
―The Fat Controller giving orders to Emily

A Blooming Mess is the twelfth episode of the thirteenth series.


Knapford Station is being redecorated. Thomas is tasked to collect slate for the new roof. Emily is tasked with picking up flowers for the station by the Fat Controller. Excitedly, Emily says that she knows all about flowers and she knows that buttercups are yellow, but before she could say another word, the Fat Controller regains her attention and tells her to take the flowers to the station.

As she puffs along, she says hello to James and Toby, who reply back. When Mavis does not say hello, Emily assumes she is sad and chuffs to the quarry to cheer her up with some of the new flowers, only to cause Edward and Thomas to crash into the flatbeds she left behind. When Mavis returns to see her quarry in a state of confusion, Emily apologises for causing it as she thought Mavis was upset. Mavis assures her she was just thinking about all the work she needs to do. Emily feels silly and wonders what would make Mavis happy. Mavis tells Emily that to make her happy she would like the mess tidied up and Emily's load of flowers taken straight to Knapford. Emily complies, even helping out Thomas since his firebox was extinguished. When Mavis stops by Knapford Station later to see the flowers as they are planted and mentions how wonderful they look, Emily is glad to see her happy.





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  • The title is possibly a parody of Jason Mraz's song, A Beautiful Mess.


  • The narrator says that Mavis puffed into Knapford, but Mavis is a diesel and therefore cannot puff since she is not a steam engine.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Catalan Desastre floral
Chinese Mandarin 凌乱的鲜花
Czech Uděsný nepořádek
Finnish Kukkasotku
French Des Fleurs pour Mavis
German Das Blumendurcheinander
Greek Ένας Ανθισμένος Χαμός
Hungarian Virágos zűrzavar
Icelandic Blómstrandi klúður
Indonesian Bunga Yang Berantakan
Italian Fiori per Mavis
Japanese エミリーとおはな
Korean 에밀리와 메이비스 (dub)
에밀리와 꽃 (subtitles)
Latin American Spanish Un Desastre Total
Norwegian Et blomstrende kaos
Polish Kwitnący Bałagan
Portuguese Uma Trapalhada Florida
Romanian O Mizerie de Nedescris
Russian Цветочный беспорядок
Serbian Cvetni nered
Swedish Blomstertid på Rälsön
Turkish Çiçekli Karmaşa

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