“I can't run without my rails.”

A Bump On The Line is a magazine story.


Every morning and evening, Thomas loves taking his passengers along his branch line with Annie and Clarabel. He knows all the passengers at each stop. Thomas also knew every part of his branch line and even a place were there is a bump. They have to go careful along there or otherwise there will be an accident.

One day Thomas' driver tells him that the workmen will be laying new rails. So the line has to be closed. Thomas is worried who would look after his passengers. Bertie the Bus is given the job. The workmen work on Thomas' line for two weeks and Thomas is very sad to think his passengers like Bertie more than him. At last the line is finished and Thomas works on his branch line once again. But he is still sad.

When he reaches the station, all his passengers are there as usual. Thomas is so happy that he forgets to be careful of the bump. But he need not worry because the new sleek rails no longer have a bump. 




  • Thomas' coupling and brake pipe is coloured white.
  • Thomas' wheels were coloured white in the seventh illustration.
  • Bertie does not have any eyebrows.


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