A Colourful World is a UK/AUS DVD containing eight episodes from the twenty-second series of Thomas & Friends.


Get ready for a colourful adventure! Whilst waiting to be repainted, James' imagination gets him in a multi-coloured muddle. Bill and Ben are up to mischief again and Nia’s friends teach her something new. Thomas’ travels continue to India where he encounters some tiger trouble and his bravery wins him a part in a Bollywood movie! In China, Thomas is excited to see giant pandas, learns that dragons aren't scary… but spectacular and lands himself in a little bamboo bother! Join Thomas on his travels as he learns that it really is A Colourful World.


  1. An Engine of Many Colours
  2. Tiger Trouble
  3. The Water Wheel
  4. Thomas Goes to Bollywood
  5. Counting on Nia
  6. Thomas and the Dragon
  7. Hunt the Truck
  8. Thomas in the Wild

Bonus Features


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