“What on Sodor is that?”
―Percy referring to the foghorn

A Foggy Friend is a magazine story, illustrated using photographs from the television series.


It is a misty spring day on Sodor and fog has rolled in from the sea. During foggy conditions, Cyril the Fogman puts detonators in the tracks to warn the engines about the fog.

That night, the Fat Controller brings something strange to Tidmouth Sheds to show the engines. The Fat Controller explains that the strange invention is a new railway foghorn. The Fat Controller presses a button and the contraption makes a loud noise. Thomas asks about Cyril and is told that Cyril can now have a good rest.

The next day, Thomas is passing a foggy spot when he suddenly hears the very loud foghorn. Thomas is so surprised that he nearly jumps off the rails. Then, the valley begins to shake and rocks begin to fall. Soon, the track is blocked and the foghorn is crushed. Thomas cannot see a thing in the fog and is unable to break in time to save himself from colliding with the rockfall.

Luckily, Cyril hears the crash and comes to the rescue. He lays detonators on the tracks to warn approaching engines of the danger ahead. Soon, the tracks have been cleared and Thomas puffs home to find a surprise waiting for him - Cyril. The Fat Controller concludes that Cyril is much more reliable than any foghorn.





  • The final image shows Thomas, Percy, Sir Topham Hatt and Cyril in Misty Valley, but Thomas is said to have puffed home.


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