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“Mud, glorious mud!”

A Happy Day for Percy, originally titled Byron Saves the Day is the sixth episode of Jack and the Sodor Construction Company.


One grey day, Percy is taking Jack and Alfie to Cronk station. Jack and his friends were going to build a new repair shed. But the rain had made the ground very muddy. Miss Jenny warns them to be careful, and tells Max and Monty not to goof off. But Max and Monty only make her think they were listening to her.

While Jack and Alfie are filling up Monty's loader, Alfie is having fun in the mud. Byron is making a trench and being very careful. But the workers aren't taking notice to his work. Which makes him very sad. He asks Oliver what he thinks of the trench, but Oliver doesn't notice as he is trying not to sink in the mud. Byron is upset as nobody is saying "Well done."

Meanwhile, Max and Monty are being reckless as usual as they splash Percy's face with mud. But then Max breaks a water pipe where Alfie is standing near. Then Alfie starts to sink into a mudhole. A workman shuts the water off, but Alfie can't get himself out. Jack volunteers to rescue him, but the foreman tells him to stay put, as he will sink too. Miss Jenny sends Byron to rescue Alfie. Byron rushes out of his trench to save Alfie and tells him to grab his bulldozer blade. Alfie can't reach it at first, but Byron inches closer until Alfie grabs his blade. With everybody watching, Byron revs his engine and pulls as hard as he can. Until at last he pulls Alfie out of the mudhole. Everyone shouts "Well done!" to Byron, which makes him feel proud of himself.

That night, Miss Jenny severely reprimands Max and Monty for putting Alfie in danger, and shuts them up in their shed for the next three days.




  • The first series to feature Max and Monty's happy face from the sixth series.
  • The original title for this episode was going to be Byron Saves the Day, although that title is still listed on Virgin TV Anytime's website.
  • Alfie's line, "Mud, glorious mud!" comes from the chorus of the popular Flanders and Swann song, The Hippopotamus, which in addition to that, this line was before the episode of the same name came to be.
  • This episode marks Byron's last speaking role.
  • This is the only Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode where Thomas does not appear.
  • The scene of Alfie shouting "Watch out!" appears to be moved from later in the episode due to his arm moving but remaining in the same spot when he starts sinking, and the pool of mud seems to have formed around him already.


  • When Byron is cutting out the trench, his treads keep moving after he stops.
  • A flatbed is seen behind Percy's brake van at the beginning of the episode.

In Other Languages

Language Title
Dutch Een gelukkige dag voor Percy
German Ein glücklicher Tag für Percy

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