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A Lively Companionship is a Greek DVD featuring twelve Series 2 episodes and eight Series 3 episodes.


Tsaf Tsouf, chuff Tsouf! Thomas the train waiting at the station for an unforgettable journey into the world of adventure. There, you will discover the Eddie, to Jerry, to Jackie and all other friends. What are these new, twin engines; You can tell them apart? If they succeed, then you will certainly be able to stay a little longer in getting them to accommodate Daisy the diesel engine, help Charlie having bad trouble, find the lost wagons, listen to funny stories about ghosts and, and, and ... above all, to see up close the awesome and terrible Daisyi! 


  1. Better Late Than Never
  2. Break Van
  3. The Deputation
  4. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  5. Daisy
  6. Percy's Predicament
  7. The Diseasel
  8. Wrong Road
  9. Edward's Exploit
  10. Ghost Train
  11. Woolly Bear
  12. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  13. A Scarf for Percy
  14. Percy's Promise
  15. Time for Trouble
  16. Gordon and the Famous Visitor
  17. Donald's Duck
  18. Thomas Gets Bumped
  19. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
  20. Diesel Does it Again


  • Mavis appears on the cover, but she is not featured in any of the episodes.