“I just hope my brakes hold out!”

A Long Way Up! is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Oliver and his brake van Toad are ordered to take an urgent delivery, which is fine until Oliver learns they have to take the steepest branch line on Sodor. Oliver is afraid his brakes will not hold. James agrees to help and tells him to take it slow and steady which works and Oliver enjoys the splendid view.



  • The images in this story are taken from the third season episode, Oliver Owns Up.
  • One picture shows Oliver at a slant as if he is on a hill, however, this is a zoomed picture of Oliver in the turntable well.


  • It is said that Oliver and Toad have to take an urgent delivery. However, in following photos Oliver is pulling coaches and Toad is not coupled up to the rear of his train.
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