“I don't need to be told by my engine!”
―BoCo's new driver

A New Driver is a magazine story. The second part of this story is called A Second Chance.


One day, the Fat Controller comes to see BoCo. He tells BoCo that he is to have a new driver starting tomorrow. BoCo wonders what his new driver will be like.

The next morning, a man wanders into the engine shed. Percy, thinking the man is lost, asks if he can help him. The man explains that he is here to drive an engine named BoCo and is rather surprised when he sees BoCo is a diesel engine. The driver climbs into BoCo's cab. He is rather unsure of what to do having only driven steam engines in the past. BoCo shudders to a start. It takes him a while to get things right, but the new driver does not find driving BoCo very easy at all. BoCo has to keep correcting the driver's mistakes.

After a couple of days, the new driver gets the hang of driving BoCo who is very pleased. The driver is pleased too; he no longer has to be told what to do by his engine. Being a very proud and stubborn man, the new driver does not like to be told how to do anything. So, when the points are set wrong and BoCo veers down a branchline, the driver refuses to listen to BoCo and carries on. The driver is sure he knows what he is doing and where he is going, but is surprised to find himself at the harbour yard. Unfortunately for the stubborn driver, the Fat Controller is there, too. The Fat Controller asks what BoCo is doing and the driver has to confess that it was all his fault. Now, the driver is sorry for not listening to his engine.



  • It is very likely that this magazine story was written by Andrew Brenner.


  • BoCo's name is spelled "Boco" throughout this story.
  • The British Railway logo on BoCo's back end is not coloured the correct colour in the first illustration.
  • Throughout the story, BoCo's bogies are coloured brown.


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