“For my next day off, I will spend a quiet day in my office!”
―Sir Topham Hatt

A Nice Quiet Day is a magazine story.


It is the Fat Controller's day off and he intends to spent the day watering the flowers in his garden. As he is working in the garden, Thomas puffs past and blows his whistle. A few moments later, Gordon puffs past and blows his whistle which, in turn, makes next door's dog start barking.

When his wife brings him a cup of tea, the Fat Controller tells her about all the noise. Lady Hatt dismisses the Fat Controller's complaint as she thinks it is very peaceful indeed. As soon as she goes back in, Henry travels past pulling some troublesome trucks who are singing loudly. Henry apologises and tries to pull the trucks past quickly. The trucks will not have any of it and they jam their brakes on. This causes Henry to slip off the rails. As the Fat Controller runs indoors to summon the breakdown train, he declares that next time he wants a quiet day off, he will spend the day in his office.


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