“Merry Christmas, everyone! Peep, peep!”

A Special Christmas Santa is a magazine story.


It is Christmas Day and while all the engines do not have any work, Thomas volunteers for a special job. He is going to take the Fat Controller with a sack of toys to the children hospital, dressed as Father Christmas. So Thomas is all decorated with baubles and tinsel to make him look like Father Christmas' festival train. With the snow laying all around, his driver has to put on his snowplough. But the sacks of toys have not arrived yet. The Fat Controller arrives, dressed all in a red coat, black boots and a white beard, still wears his top hat to keep his head warm. He has bad news; the lorry carrying the toys has skidded off the road and the sack fell out from the back and no one can find it. 

Thomas puffs along his branch line churning through the heavy snow. Everyone feels too sad to sing Christmas songs. But up ahead, Thomas sees something blocking the line. His driver puts the brakes on and stops. It turns out that it is the sack of toys. They happily arrive at the hospital and the Fat Controller goes to the hospital with the toy sack. After the children have unwrapped their presents, they look out of the window and thank Thomas. He whistles back a Merry Christmas.



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