“Don't panic, they're harmless I have found and like the trains in London moles travel underground!”
―Toby's driver

A Special Story About Toby is a rhyming magazine story.


Molehills bother Toby as he thinks they spoil the scenic quarry line. He also frets that they could derail an engine. The driver assures him that the moles are harmless and, like some of the trains in London, they travel underground. Then Toby sees a larger mound, but it turns out not to be a molehill; it is an excavator digging.



  • The font of the sign that says "DANGER, EXCAVATION" is written in Comic Sans MS.


  • In the first illustration, Toby is pulling Henrietta, but in the fourth, he is pulling a truck. Henrietta then reappears in the final illustration.
  • The truck in the fourth image is not coloured in.


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