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“It makes me proud to be an excavator!”

A Visit from Thomas, originally titled Oliversaurus, is the first episode of Jack and the Sodor Construction Company. It was released on Thomas' Trusty Friends/On Site with Thomas and Other Adventures.


Thomas takes the Fat Controller to see the site for the new school the Pack are preparing. He had given the land for the school and wanted to see how it was turning out. Miss Jenny showed him around and saw Buster flattening the earth flat for a football field. Then she took him to see Alfie digging foundation trenches for the school library. Finally she showed him Oliver and Max working on a new swimming pool.

After the Fat Controller leaves, Max tells Oliver to hurry up, but he takes no notice. However, his bucket hits something hard buried in the ground. Max takes no notice of it. But Oliver's operator suggests that it could be important, so the Foreman calls Miss Jenny, who calls the Fat Controller, who calls the Experts. The Experts realise that Oliver has discovered a dinosaur bone. Using his chisel, Oliver digs away more earth to uncover a complete skeleton of a Triceratop. The Fat Controller claims this as an important day for the Island of Sodor. Alfie also comments that he's proud to be an excavator. A photographer takes a picture of Oliver with the dinosaur and the following day, Thomas brings the Fat Controller, who shows the Pack that Oliver is on the front page of the Sodor Times with the headline: "Digger Digs Dino!" Oliver feels quite proud and just smiles.




  • This episode was originally titled Oliversaurus, although that title is listed on Virgin TV Anywhere's website.
  • Stock footage from Toby's Windmill (directed by David Mitton) and mirrored stock footage from Three Cheers for Thomas (directed by David Mitton) is used.
  • The dinosaur skeleton that Oliver discovered was a Triceratops that lived in North America during the Late Cretaceous period.
  • This was the first episode for several things:
  • This was the only Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode of several things:
    • The only episode in which Isobella appears, but does not speak.
    • The only episode where Thomas appears but does not speak. However, this would be the second episode where he does not speak in the premiere, with the first being Salty's Secret.
    • The only episode where Annie and Clarabel appear.
    • The only appearance of the school building site.
    • The only episode written by Paul Dawson, not counting the cancelled episode Jack's Snow Rescue.
  • Behind the scenes photos indicate that Byron was originally intended to have a larger role.


  • During the scene where Miss Jenny was showing the Fat Controller the site for the pool, Oliver had his digger removed in one shot.
  • Because footage from Three Cheers for Thomas is mirrored, Thomas' number and Annie and Clarabel's names are reversed.
  • Despite Thomas' name being in the title, he is merely a silent character.

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