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Ace is an Australian rally car who inspired Thomas to become the first engine to travel the world and the main antagonist in Big World! Big Adventures!


Ace was a competitor in a worldwide rally across five continents and was on his way to Sodor to catch a ship to get to Africa, where the first rally was being held. On his way to Sodor, he raced past an unsuspecting Thin Clergyman, who was riding a bike and almost caused him to fall over. He then met Flying Scotsman and asked him if the way he was going was to Sodor. Flying Scotsman confirmed that he was going the right way, but the way was for engines only. Then, Ace spotted a broken fence that was angled like a ramp. He proceeded to race towards it and jumped the fence, landing on the track. Flying Scotsman asked where Ace thought he was going and Ace replied that he was going to cross the Vicarstown Bridge. Ace almost had a collision with Sidney but managed to dodge him, remarking that he should not blow a gasket over nothing. Later, he was doing speed trials on Thomas' Branch Line and met Thomas. Thomas challenged him to a race and Ace easily beat him up to Ffarquhar, while Thomas watched in awe. When Thomas arrived at Ffarquhar, Ace introduced himself and informed Thomas of the worldwide rally. Thomas stated how he had always wanted to see the world and Ace told him that there are rails in other countries and convinced him that he could be the first engine to travel all the way around the world. Ace then resumed his speed trials.

Later that day, Thomas decided to tag along with Ace on his journey. The next morning, Thomas and Ace arrived in Dakar and Ace managed to make it to the first race, which was running right through the Sahara. However, this meant leaving Thomas behind, which briefly jolted the tank engine's trust in Ace. Thomas knew that the race went up to Dar es Salaam Docks, so he decided that he would make his way up there. Ace ended up meeting Thomas during his voyage to Rio de Janeiro and tried to convince him to not let Nia get in the way.

Once they arrived, Ace left Thomas behind again to compete in the next rally through the Amazon. At some point, he crashed onto his roof and was rescued by Thomas and Nia on their way to San Francisco. Throughout the journey, Ace repeatedly complained about the slow, gradual pace the two engines were taking, as he liked to live life "free and easy" and on his own terms. His attitude quickly created friction between him and Nia, particularly when Ace wanted her and Thomas to take a detour to the Bonneville Salt Flats, where his next race was being held. As they travelled through Arizona, Ace convinced the engines to split up their train and race each other - in reality, he was scheming to abandon Nia and get Thomas to bring him to the Salt Flats. However, as Thomas picked up speed, they became a runaway, colliding with Beau's trucks and running into an old mineshaft, before finally derailing. After Beau rescued them the following day, Thomas - disgusted and disenchanted with Ace's selfish behaviour - left him at the Salt Flats before continuing on to San Francisco to find Nia. Ace initially scoffed at Thomas' anger but did show a hint of surprise and remorse as they went their separate ways. [2]

Ace later met Sir Topham Hatt, who had been looking for Thomas the whole time, on a ship back home. [2]

Ace and Thomas eventually made amends during Thomas’ second trip around the world. He later encountered Thomas while he practiced jumping for a stunt show, but his fear of animals kept him from making a perfect landing. Thomas later helped him overcome his fears and successfully perform the jump... though as none of the buses arrived, Ace jumped over Thomas, Tamika, Shane, Aubrey and Aiden instead. [3]


Ace is a rally car, who can be a bit full of himself. He thinks he is cool and clever too and expects the admiration and support of everyone around him. If it is not about him, he is not likely to be interested. Ace is a thrill-seeker, who lives for speed and loves to drive dangerously - ironically, though, he has a phobia of both animals and water, the former being any type of animal from frogs to monkeys to kangaroos until Thomas helped him overcome it. He is also rather manipulative, as shown when he convinced Thomas to ditch Nia. Sometime later, Ace appears to have become a friendlier car, and reconciled with Thomas, but his daredevil nature still remains. Much of his past self is still present, though, which still led him to be prone to being scared of animals and vice-versa until the little blue engine helped him overcome this and stay calm.

Technical Details


Ace is based on a hard top America spec Triumph Spitfire 1500 with a roof rack for his spare tyre, as well as lights from a Triumph GT6 from 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Ace is painted yellow with white stripes and silver wheels, along with a four-leaf clover painted in a white circle. His number "43" is painted on the sides of his doors in black with white lines around the black 43.


Official Description

From Official Media:[1]

Ace the Racer: Ace is a daring thrill-seeker. He can be self-centered and he expects praise from everyone around him, but when he takes a break from focusing on himself, he's a charming, fun friend.

Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Big World! Big Adventures! Series 24


  • Ace's horn plays the chorus of the Australian song "Waltzing Matilda".
  • The number Ace carries, 43, is the same number carried by NASCAR legend, Richard Petty, "The King".
  • Ace was the first international character of the show not to be a rail vehicle.
  • Ace's driver only appears in Big World! Big Adventures!, despite Ace himself returning in Series 24, implying that Ace can drive himself. Both Terence and Cleo share this trait, as do many cranes.
  • Given his exhaust pipes were seen spewing flames in Big World! Big Adventures!, Ace is implied to have a modified engine.
  • Ace has zoophobia, meaning that he has a fear of animals, particularly wild animals.




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