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This article is about the US DVD boxset. You may be looking for the UK DVD boxset.

Adventure Pack is a four-disc US DVD boxset containing all twenty episodes from the twelfth series.


  1. Railway Friends
  2. High Speed Adventures
  3. Team Up With Thomas
  4. Percy and the Bandstand


Railway Friends

  1. Best Friends
  2. The Party Surprise
  3. Gordon Takes a Shortcut
  4. Thomas Puts the Brakes On
  5. Saved You!
  6. Excellent Emily

High Speed Adventures

  1. Thomas and the Billboard
  2. Steady Eddie
  3. Rosie's Carnival Special
  4. Mountain Marvel
  5. Henry Gets It Wrong
  6. Don't Go Back

Team Up With Thomas

  1. Heave Ho Thomas!
  2. James Works it Out
  3. Tram Trouble
  4. Push Me, Pull You

Percy and the Bandstand

  1. Toby's Special Surprise
  2. Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon
  3. The Man in the Hills
  4. Percy and the Bandstand


  • This is the second and final time a complete season is released on DVD in the US, with the first being The Early Years.


  • On the cover, Thomas' cab roof is painted blue and his lamp is a different shape.