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Aeroplanes (known as airplanes in the US) are a type of fixed-wing aircraft which is powered by jet engines or a propeller. The Sodor Airport and Dryaw Airfield house a number of them.

In the Railway Series, two aeroplanes appeared in The Eight Famous Engines and one in Thomas and the Fat Controller's Engines. In the television series, they first appeared in the special, Calling All Engines!. They also appeared in the twelfth series.

Technical Details


The aeroplanes seen in the television series are based on the Douglas DC-3.


The aeroplanes in the television series are all painted white, with either a blue, green or red stripe.



  • One aeroplane is registered "D-AGDF". This is likely a reference to the plane in the 1942 film Casablanca, which carried the same registration number.


Non-rail vehicles

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