“Wow! That really does look like Hugo.”
Thomas, Hugo and the Airship, twentieth season

In Thomas & Friends, a blue airship (referred to as zeppelin) made an appearance. It was closely observed by Hugo, who was jealous of how the airship could fly, but he could not.

In the magazines, a yellow and white airship was launched from Sodor Airport in 2007. Its maiden voyage was televised by Sodor TV and the Mayor of Sodor and the Fat Controller were among its passengers.


In Thomas & Friends, the airship's upper-half and stabilisers are painted silver, while the lower-half and cockpit is painted two-tone blue.

In the magazines, the airship is painted white with a yellow lightning bolt with red lining. The passenger cabin is painted red and also has a yellow lightning bolt.


Magazine stories

  • 2007 - Airship (yellow and white one)



Thomas & Friends

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