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Alfred and Judy, also referred to as Bill and Ben's twins, are two small saddle tank engine twins, who were the inspiration and basis for Bill and Ben.


Alfred and Judy were built by W.G. Bagnall, for special use at the Bagnall Port of Par in Cornwall, England. Their unusual design was required to cope with some extremely tight curves, and a very low bridge under the Cornish Main Line, the two locomotives are both preserved in operational conditions.

Alfred and Judy were previously kept on the Bodmin and Wenford Railway, in recent months, they made numerous trips to various heritage railways around England, including the Foxfield Railway, the Great Central Railway, the Tanfield Railway, the Midland Railway - Butterley, and the Beamish Railway. Alfred and Judy are now currently housed at the M Shed in Bristol, where they are sometimes chosen to give special train rides up and down the Port of Par on special weekends. Bill was based off Alfred and Ben, Judy.


Alfred and Judy are painted lime green with yellow lining. The words "PORT OF PAR" is painted on their fronts in yellow. Alfred was once painted yellow for a Days Out with Thomas event, to resemble Bill.


The Railway Series

Companion Volumes

Alfred and Judy have also been mentioned in the annuals.


  • According to the foreword of the thirty-third book of the Railway Series, Thomas and the Twins, Alfred and Judy are Bill and Ben's twins.
  • When the Rev. W. Awdry visited the Port of Par in 1966, Alfred and Judy inspired him to create Bill and Ben.
  • During Days Out with Thomas events, Alfred and Judy were given faces to resemble Bill and Ben.


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