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Ambulances are vehicles that transport patients and medical supplies. One of them appeared in the sixth series episode Percy's Chocolate Crunch.

Despite not making any other appearances, one of the signs on the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre building features a depiction resembling the same design as the ambulance and a fire engine.

Other ambulances also appeared in the books, Thomas Noisy Book, Henry Goes to the Hospital and Thomas the Tank Engine's Big Yellow Treasury. They also were mentioned in the magazine stories, Trouble in the Tunnel, Emergency! and Operation Rescue. One was also mentioned in the annual story, Golden Oldies.

Technical Details



The ambulances are painted white with a red cross on the sides and back of them. They mostly have silver or red hubcaps, while others have the same coloured hubcaps as their bodies.

In the book, Henry Goes to the Hospital, an ambulance was painted cream.

Audio Files


In the Thomas Noisy Book an ambulance has a siren shared with Police Cars and Fire Engines.

First Used Last Used Sound Effect
Thomas Noisy Book Thomas Noisy Book


  • The ambulance's model was reused from the white van with added red crosses.
    • This white van has appeared in several episodes, even appearing in CGI. In the CGI series, there is also a yellow variant of this van.



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