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An An and Yin-Long (Mandarin: 安安银龙/银龍) are two Chinese coaches Thomas meets during his visit to China. They usually work with Hong-Mei and Thomas during his Chinese passenger runs. Occasionally, Yong Bao pulls them.


Both coaches are cheerful and bring out an engines' friendliness, and due to working all around China, they have extensive knowledge of the country's routes.

Technical Details


An An and Yin-Long are based on the LB&SCR Stroudley coaches. Annie and Clarabel are also based on these coaches.


An An and Yin-Long are painted teal green with yellow wheels and lining.


Voice Actors

An An:



  • Yin-Long's name means "silver dragon" in Mandarin.
  • Some promotional articles for the twenty second series refer to Yin-Long as ZiLong while the 2019 annual refers to him as Lin Yong. The 2020 annual also referred to him as Yin-Lang at one point.
  • The yellow symbol painted on their sides is the Shou, a word that means "longevity".
  • Their models are both modified versions of Annie, as both of them lack a guard's compartment.
  • An An and Yin-Long have undergone some aesthetic changes throughout the series:
    • Series 23:
      • Their faces are reduced in size.


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Motorized Railway

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An An 2018 N/A
  • Only available in Rainbow Mountain Set
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