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Anniversary is a Norwegian VHS/DVD featuring two first series episodes, four second series episodes, eight third series episodes, and four fourth series episodes narrated by Trine Lossius Borg, and a song.


  1. Granpuff
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. The Bulldog
  4. Four Little Engines
  5. James and the Express
  6. Percy Runs Away
  7. Saved from the Scrapyard
  8. Percy Goes Into the Water
  9. Edward's Great Exploit
  10. Thomas Gets Hooked Off
  11. Now There'll be Trouble
  12. The Diseasel
  13. Mavis
  14. Donald's Duck
  15. Diesel Does it Again
  16. James and the Bees
  17. Oliver Gets Wiser
  18. The Big Escape


  1. Thomas, We Love You (DVD only)


  • The back cover and episode selection menu say that The Diseasel is called "The Twin-Engines" and that Donald's Duck is called "Donald and Duck".
  • On the DVD version, the colour contrast are very dark.
  • The main menu of the DVD uses an edited image from Edward's Exploit.


  • Both the VHS and the DVD have the episodes listed in the wrong order on the back cover. This order is also the one used on the DVD


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