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Aquarium Tank Wagons are rolling stock filled with water and used for transporting live sea animals such as fish, sharks and octopi throughout the North Western Railway.

They only appeared in the books Down at the Docks and Thomas and the Shark until an imagination sequence in the twenty-second series episode, Forever and Ever, their first appearance in the television series.



Thomas first saw these wagons while he was looking for a way to help with preparations for the ocean show at Tidmouth. He admired the octopus in the first one, but was frightened by the shark in the second. Salty who was coupled up to the tank wagons told Thomas the two sea creatures were meant for the aquarium. Percy puffed pass Thomas and Thomas tried to tell him about the special cargo Salty has, but Percy was in a hurry and puffed off quickly. Percy puffed up to the tank wagons, and was also frightened by the shark. He was so frightened that he caused a huge accident. After Thomas helped clean up the mess, he went with Salty to look at the wagons when the shark winked at him.

Technical Details


In the CGI series, the aquarium tank wagons are based on conflats with added water tanks.




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