Arise and Shine is a South African DVD featuring one seventh series episode with redubbed music and two eighth series episodes narrated by Michael Angelis. In the Czech Republic, the DVD features six eighth series episodes narrated by Bohuslav Kalva.


South Africa

  1. James Gets a New Coat
  2. Best Dressed Engine (Redubbed Music)
  3. Thomas Saves the Day


  1. Thomas and the Firework Display
  2. Percy's New Whistle
  3. Fish
  4. Emily's Adventure
  5. Thomas Saves the Day
  6. Squeak, Rattle and Roll


  • On the Czech DVD menus, a mirrored image of Thomas is photoshopped to look painted red and James' face is edited onto Thomas' smokebox.  This is an attempt to make it look like James.  However, the left wheel arch is still blue.