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Arlesburgh Bridge Street is a station on the Arlesdale Railway serving East Arlesburgh. It was originally a station on the now-closed Mid Sodor Railway.


The Railway Series

Arlesburgh Bridge Street is one of two stations serving Arlesburgh, the other being Arlesburgh West, and was originally opened in 1880. The site of this station can easily be found where the road comes south from the town bridge to the railway. The Mid Sodor had a level crossing here, now replaced by an over-bridge.

Bridge Street was the Mid Sodor's main station. All except Boat and Ore trains terminated here under an "all-over" timber roof which sheltered the two passenger platforms. An extensive Yard provided space for Goods, Locomotive and carriage sheds. Since these had fallen into decay during the years of abandonment between 1947 and 1967, the Arlesdale Railway demolished the remains, and sold the surplus land. They kept one platform only, that on the town side of their line, and on it erected a wooden hut.

Though the majority of Summer passengers entrain at Arlesburgh West, having been brought by the Little Western, nevertheless Bridge Street has a small but regular all-the-year-round local clientele, whose numbers are swelled in Summer by holiday-makers lodging in the town. In consequence the platform has now been lengthened, and the timber shelter replaced by a substantial brick building.