Arlesburgh Goods Yard is a small yard that was originally a construction yard when the Harwick Branch Line was being built, and was also where supplies for the construction of the Harwick Branch Line was stored. The grand opening of the branch line also happened at this yard. Calles Cavern is located nearby.

Several engines and vehicles worked at the construction yard during construction of the branch line, including Thomas, James, Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Stanley, Samson, Marion, Jack, Alfie, Oliver, Max and Monty.

After the construction was completed it was turned in a shunting yard, and sheds for Ryan and Daisy were built afterwards. It was first introduced in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure while the Harwick Branch Line was in construction. However, it was not completely finished until the twentieth series.

Judy and Jerome are also based here.



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