Arlesburgh Maritime Museum is a museum dedicated to the preservation of objects related to ships and the sea, located by Arlesburgh Harbour.


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Following the discovery of Captain Calles' Pirate Ship in a cavern during the construction of the Harwick Branch Line, the ship was sent to Arlesburgh to be displayed by the museum. A few days, Marion discovered Captain Calles' treasure from the 16th century. Sir Topham Hatt decided to donate the treasure to the museum, much to the fury of Sailor John, who had been looking for the treasure. John stole both the treasure and the pirate ship, to use as a escape vessel, but was stopped by Thomas and Skiff. The treasure and pirate ship were soon returned to the museum.

At some point, the museum added a mermaid figurehead to the pirate ship. When a fierce storm hit the Island of Sodor, the Museum Director was scared for the safety of the pirate ship. He and Captain Joe checked on the safety of the ship from the harbour lighthouse.

The museum is located in the centre of the junction from which the line to Arlesburgh Harbour deviates from the main branch line. The museum building is four stories high and has a ship-shaped weather vane on the roof. On the museum's southern wall, a mural of the pirate ship is painted, beneath that is a small park with an anchor on display. The museum has two platforms: the main platform is on the eastern side of the building and is used by passenger trains, while the second platform is on the northern side of the building and is used by Skiff's Railboat Tours.



  • The museum building is absent in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure. In its place is some paved ground located next to a warehouse.



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