This article is about standard gauge shed. You may be looking for miniature railway shed.

Arlesburgh Shed is a three road engine shed located at Arlesburgh West, which is the main shed for the engines that work on the Little Western.


The Railway Series

Arlesburgh Shed was built for Duck and Oliver when the Fat Controller reopened the Little Western in 1966. The sheds have three berths for Duck and Oliver and either Donald or Douglas.

The shed is built in the style of the Great Western Railway buildings. It stands between the ballast hopper and the station.




  • In the television series, Arlesburgh Shed was replaced with the sheds at Tidmouth Hault.
  • When Arlesburgh West was made in full CGI, the engine shed at Arlesburgh was not included.
  • The Shed (In appearance), appears to be based off of an old Triang model railway Engine Shed)


The Railway Series

Main Series


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