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This article is about miniature railway shed. You may be looking for standard gauge shed.

Arlesburgh West Shed is the main engine sheds for the engines on the Arlesdale Railway.


The Railway Series

There are three sheds at Arlesburgh West, the one seen in the stories houses the steam engines, and has a well equipped workshop. The Diesels have a shed to themselves on the opposite (north) side of the line, and nearby is the Carriage Shed capable of holding all passenger stock under cover.

In 1967, Frank crashed in to the back of the shed, which resulted in the Small Controller making inspections to ensure the shed was safe.

Thomas & Friends

The sheds replaced Arlesburgh Works in the Twentieth Series. They are facing in the opposite direction towards the station and chute.


Railway Series only



  • Arlesburgh West Shed is based on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway's sheds at Ravenglass.
  • An image from Jock the New Engine was used for reference when modelling the sheds for the CGI Series. Everything down to the papers on the pin board in the back are roughly the same.


The Railway Series

Main Series

Thomas & Friends

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