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Arlesburgh Yard Shed is a two-road engine shed situated in Arlesburgh Goods Yard. It is the main shed for the engines that work on the Harwick Branch Line.


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Arlesburgh Yard Shed was initially built in the construction yard for use by engines assisting in the building of the Harwick Branch Line. The original shed was cobbled together using sheets of wood and corrugated iron on top of a frame made of I-beams. While Ryan used the shed, Thomas opted not to, initially to avoid Ryan, however later so that he could assist Skiff and Sailor John, prior to finding out Sailor John's true intentions.

Following the completion of the line, the shed was rebuilt with brick walls, windows and a new tiled roof, while the surrounding yards were converted into a shunting yard. After being transferred from Thomas' Branch Line to carry out passenger services to Harwick, Daisy joined Ryan in the sheds. Judy and Jerome were later moved to the sidings outside the shed to assist with rescue operations on the western side of Sodor.


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