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“Years passed. Winter torrents washed soil from the hills over the shed. Trees and bushes grew around. You wouldn't have known a shed was there, let alone a little engine asleep inside it.”
―The Author[src]

Arlesdale Sheds was the main engine shed used by the Mid Sodor Railway. It was located next to Arlesdale station and was mainly occupied by Duke, Stuart and Falcon until the line closed in 1947. When the railway closed, Duke was left oiled, greased and sheeted up, as he saw no buyers when the engines were auctioned off. In 1969, Duke was rediscovered and removed from the sheds to be taken to the Skarloey Railway.


The Arlesdale Sheds was a small shed situated close by to the station. The shed itself was brick and a corrugated canopy stood outside the doors. There is also an area behind the sheds where Stanley resided after he was turned into a pumping engine. In the television series, Smudger was placed here after he became a generator.

In the Railway Series, the shed was a two-road engine shed. In the television series, the shed gained a third track, and a second, one-road shed was placed nearby. Duke was placed in this shed when the railway closed.


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