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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the 2004 or the 2005 magazine story.

“I'm learning patience. But if only I could learn it faster.”

As Good as Gordon is the eighteenth episode of the eighth series. It is also the 200th episode of the television series.


One morning, the Fat Controller comes to Tidmouth Sheds with a special job for Gordon; he is to take the newly elected Sodor Mayor on a tour of the island. Gordon is delighted to be given a special job but is quick to realise that someone else will have to take the Express in his place, for which the Fat Controller explains that Emily will pull it. However, after the Fat Controller leaves, Gordon begins bragging to Emily that he can get the Express across the island and back before teatime and is quite sure that Emily will not be able to achieve that. Thomas - having heard Gordon's boasting many times before - thinks Emily may find it difficult too. However, Emily ignores Thomas' advice, and sets off, determined to be "as good as Gordon."

Emily goes to collect the Express from Knapford station. However, she departs too soon, not realising until too late that the brake coach has not been coupled. Emily manages to arrive at Kellsthorpe station right on time, and declares that she is "as good as Gordon." However, on the way back, Emily has to stop at a crossing to allow Edward to pass with a slow goods train. She tells him to hurry up before he makes her late, which upsets Edward. When Emily arrives at Maithwaite, she is due to make a guaranteed connection with Bertie; but as he is running late due to a flat tyre, she must wait. However, Emily's impatience gets the better of her, and even after counting to ten twice, she decides to leave, thinking that she will not be "as good as Gordon." But, just as Emily pulls away from Maithwaite, Bertie arrives.

Soon, Emily needs to take on more water, but James is at the water tower first with his slow goods train. Emily demands to go first as she is the Express Engine for the day, only for James to tell her that - as he is there first - she must wait her turn. Once again, impatience gets the better of Emily, and she sets off without taking on more water. Determined to be on time, Emily speeds up, unknowingly bumping her coaches, giving her passengers an uncomfortable ride.

Very soon, Emily is approaching Brendam, the last stop for the Express, and thinks that she is "as good as Gordon." However, she finds herself slowing down, before coming to a total stop. Emily's water tank in her tender is now completely dry, and she has run out of steam. Then, James arrives with the Fat Controller, who is very cross. He tells Emily she left the brake coach, stranded Bertie's passengers and bumped her carriages. He tells her to learn to be more patient. Emily apologises, discovering that she not only failed to be "as good as Gordon," she only caused confusion and delay.

James takes Emily to Brendam Docks, then collects the Express. The Fat Controller tells Emily that he requires an engine to pull James' slow goods train, which Emily volunteers to do, as she wants to learn patience. So, James takes Emily to the water tower, and after her drink, she takes on plenty of coal. Then, she takes James' slow goods train.

This time, Emily waits for the other engines to pass by, stops at all the right stations and waits for her cargo to be unloaded. Later, at a signal, she meets Thomas with Annie and Clarabel and explains that she is learning to be patient, even though she wants to learn it quicker.




  • Going by production order, this is the twenty-fifth episode of the eighth series.
  • A deleted scene shows that Percy was originally going to have James' role of being at the coaling plant when Emily needed more coal.
  • In a picture of a deleted scene, Emily approaches James from the opposite direction.
  • This episode, along with Thomas Gets it Right are the only episodes of the eighth series not to be released on DVD in South Africa.
  • This episode marks the last appearance of Brendam Canal until the tenth series episode, Thomas and the Colours.
  • This is the 200th episode of the show.
  • Interestingly, the fact that Emily is chosen to take the express reflects on the fact that Emily's basis (GNR G Class Sterling Singles) was used to pull express trains.
  • The German audiobook of this episode has more expanded narration and dialouge than the aired version on Germany television broadcast.


  • In the opening shot of Tidmouth Sheds, Gordon's front pilot wheels are derailed.
  • Bertie appears to be smiling when he sees Emily leaving Maithwaite.
  • A deleted scene of Emily leaving the sheds shows steam coming out from behind her face.
  • When Emily buffers up the slow goods train, the sound effect comes in slightly late.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Arabic جيدة مثل جوردون
Chinese Mandarin 和高登一样好
Czech Tak dobra ako Gordon
Danish Lige så god som Gordon
Dutch Zo Goed Als Gordon
Finnish Yhtä hyvä kuin Jori
German Emily hat’s eilig
Hungarian Emily Türelmet Tanul
Italian Brava Quanto Gordon
Japanese ゴードンとおなじ
Korean 고든처럼 빠르고 싶어!
Latin American Spanish Tan Buena como Gordon
Norwegian Like flink som Gordon
Polish Dorównać Gabrysiowi
Portuguese Tão boa quanto Gordon
Romanian La Fel de Bună ca Gordon
Russian Как Гордон
Serbian Dobra kao Gordon
Spanish Tan Bueno como Gordon
Swedish Lika duktig som Gordon

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