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Aubrey and Aiden are Shane's pair of coaches. Thomas met and worked with them during his time in Australia.


When Shane was late taking Aubrey and Aiden on a tour, Thomas ended up taking them instead. However, his lack of knowledge about Australia ended up with them getting lost until Shane was able to find them.

While Shane was taking his coaches to the Red Centre, he kept refusing to listen to their advice to refuel and ended up with them being stranded as a result. This ended up with Thomas having to take Aubrey and Aiden while getting Shane his coal. When Thomas, Aubrey and Aiden later returned with the coal, they had a laugh with him about his mistakes while Shane blushed with red.


Aubrey and Aiden are sensible with a sense of humour. They both admire Isla. Like any coaches, they do not take any nonsense from their engine.

Technical Details


Aubrey and Aiden are based on Pullman First Class Parlour Cars. One such carriage, "Topaz" of 1914, is preserved at the National Railway Museum. Their CGI models are reused from Spencer's coaches.


Aubrey and Aiden are painted teal green and brown with gold lining, golden yellow rooftops and silver window frames.


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