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Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, is a country located in the continent of Oceania consisting of six states and two territories. In it, this country is the largest of all.

Thomas visited this country in Really Useful Around the World when he was taking some of the passengers from Adelaide to Darwin. But then he heard an unusual sound while going along the tracks and could not tell what it was. Thomas made it to Darwin when he heard the strange sound and found that it came from a man playing the didgeridoo at the platform.

Thomas also visits the country on his world tour and meets Isla.

Thomas later visited the country again in Thomas' Aussie Football Adventure when he was with Shane and Tracy.

The Australian Engine and the City Circle Tram live there.

In the twenty-second series, Thomas visited the Australian Outback to help out for a period of time; his adventures included a disastrous attempt at being a tour guide, helping to evacuate townsfolk from a cyclone, chasing after a kangaroo after it mistakes a toy kangaroo for its joey and rescuing koalas during a bushfire.

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  • The tracks running through Kakadu National Park, the Kuranda Rainforest and The Outback are dual gauge, despite none of the engines in Australia being narrow gauge.
    • It is possible Tamika was intended to use narrow gauge tracks, as her basis is built to run on cape gauge tracks which are smaller than the British Loading Gauge. However, since she has been rescaled to standard gauge, there is no use for the tracks to be dual gauge.


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