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“A steam engine always has something to say!”
―Awdry, Saturday Times Magazine

Awdry is an elderly steam engine who once visited the Island of Sodor. He is a fictionalized version of Wilbert Awdry, the author of The Railway Series, as a steam engine.

Technical Details


Awdry is based on a G&SWR 403 Class, a 2-6-0 mixed-traffic tender locomotive designed by Peter Drummond for the Glasgow and South Western Railway and built in 1915.

The Rev. W. Awdry's original model of James was modified from that of a G&SWR 403 Class locomotive.


Awdry is painted olive green with black lining and brass dome. He has a thick white stripe between his smokebox and boiler, a reference to the clerical collar worn by all ranks of clergy.


The Railway Series

Awdry appeared in two 1991 newspaper articles about the Rev. W. Awdry and the Railway Series.


  • Awdry is the first engine to wear glasses in the Railway Series, the second being The Ballast Cleaner. However, if the Television Series characters were counted, Whiff would be the third character, and Darcy being the fourth.
  • Awdry is the first engine to have white eyebrows, the second being Iron Duke, and Victor being the third.
  • The first illustration of Awdry was illustrated by UK artist, Paul Slater, for the Saturday Times Magazine and written by Alan Hamilton. The second illustration was a rough copied sketch by an unnamed artist featured in another article and was later used in Japanese promotional material.
  • The background in the first illustration appears to be based on the fifth illustration of Coal from Henry the Green Engine.


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