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BR 12 ton vans are rolling stock used for transporting goods and materials throughout the railways, such as the North Western Railway.


The Railway Series

One of these vans were at Brendam Docks where Bill and Ben were working. [1]

Five of these vans were once part of James' early morning goods train. He was unhappy about shunting trucks and struggled pulling the train up steep gradients. [2]


Their official merchandise bios describe these vans as happy and silly.

Technical Details


The BR 12 ton vans are based on the real BR 12 ton covered vans that are used on the railways, such as British Railways.


In The Railway Series, the BR 12 ton vans are painted in either the same or different shade of brown with rooftops in either the same or different shade of grey. They have words painted in white on both sides.

The Ertl toys of the BR 12 ton vans are orange with black vents and door-handle pieces. They also have standard grey faces.



  • The BR 12 ton vans resemble the LNER and LMS 12 Ton ones.
  • The Ertl Character Card of the BR 12 ton vans says that they were pulled by James on a windy, stormy night, whereas they were actually pulled by Henry, since it references the fifth series episode, Haunted Henry
  •  The East Lancashire Railway converted three BR 12 ton vans for passenger use at their Days Out with Thomas events. The three vans plus a converted GWR brake van have names corresponding to their colours (Poppy, Buttercup, Marigold and Blubell).



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