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Bachmann Trains is a model railway company that has made Thomas & Friends models in HO scale since 2002, G scale since 2009, and models in N scale that were released in 2020. Most of the range's models are made from specially produced toolings to resemble the characters as depicted in the television series. Nearly all of the locomotives have a special moving-eye-mechanism that allows the eyes to look back and forth across the tracks while the locomotives are in motion.

Previously, the HO models were not available outside of North America, as Hornby held the OO/HO Thomas license overseas (although the Bachmann models are compatible with Hornby models due to having identical coupling systems). After Hornby had discontinued their Thomas & Friends range in 2018, Bachmann secured the rights to distribute their HO scale products in the UK and Ireland with further availability expanding in 2020.

HO Scale


Model Year of Release Year of Discontinuation Item Number Notes
Thomas 2002 Active 58741 Reissued in 2014 and 2018; a Sound-Chipped Thomas (58701) was released in 2014 and a DCC Sound Thomas (58501) in 2022
Percy 2002 Active 58742 A DCC Sound Percy (58502) was released in 2022
James 2002 Active 58743 Reissued in 2017 and 2021
Gordon 2005 Active 58744
Henry 2005 Active 58745
Toby 2006 Active 58747 Reissued in 2019
Spencer 2006 Active 58749
Emily 2007 Active 58748
Edward 2008 Active 58746
Mavis 2008 Active 58801
Salty 2009, rereleased in 2022 2015 58824 (formerly 58804)
Bill and Ben 2010 Active 58805 and 58806 Both sold separately
Donald and Douglas 2011 Active 58807 and 58808 Both sold separately
Diesel 2011 Active 58802
Duck 2013 Active 58810
'Arry and Bert 2014 2019 58812 and 58813 Both sold separately
Oliver 2017 Active 58815
Rosie 2017 Active 58816
Paxton 2018 Active 58817
Grumpy Diesel 2018 Active 58818 Variant of 58802 Diesel with grumpy face
Rosie - Red 2019 Active 58819 Variant of 58816 Rosie with red livery as seen from the twenty-first series-onwards
Busy Bee James 2020 Active 58821 Variant of 58743 James with black and yellow stripes as seen in The Green Controller
Thomas - LBSC 70 2021 Active 58739 Variant of 58741 Thomas with LBSC green livery as seen in The Adventure Begins
Daisy 2022 Active 58820
Origins James 2022 Active 58822 Variant of 58743 James with black livery as seen in The Adventure Begins
Ryan 2022 Active 58823

Rolling Stock

Model Year of Release Year of Discontinuation Item Number Notes
Annie and Clarabel 2002 Active 76044 and 76045 Both sold separately
Troublesome Trucks 2002 Active 77046, 77047, 77025, 77020, 77015 and 77401 Six models were made; Troublesome Trucks #1 and #2 were released in 2002, Troublesome Truck #3 in 2010, Troublesome Truck #4 in 2014, Troublesome Truck #5 in 2016, and Troublesome Truck #6 in 2020
Red Express Coaches 2005, rereleased in 2022 2010 76030 and 76031 (formerly 76046 and 76047) Both sold separately
Fuel Tanker 2005 Active 77039
S.C. Ruffey 2005 Active 77041
Blue Open Wagon 2005 2020 77042
Cargo Car 2005 2021 77043
Brake Van 2005 2018 77045 Re-used for the Spiteful Brake Van
Milk Tanker 2005 Active 77048
Tar Tanker 2005 2012 77049
Fred Pelhay 2005 Never released Unknown Cancelled before release
Rickety 2005 Never released Unknown Cancelled before release
Gordon's Express Coaches 2006, rereleased in 2019 2013 76034 and 76035 (formerly 76048 and 76049) Both sold separately
Emily's Coaches 2006 Active 76042 and 76043 Both sold separately
Coal Wagon with Load 2007 Active 77029
Red Open Wagon 2006 Active 77037
Oil Tanker 2006 Active 77038 Later re-used for Troublesome Truck #6
Cattle Wagon 2007 2012 77030 Later re-used for Troublesome Truck #3 and the GWR Cattle Wagon
Well Wagon 2007 2012 77031
Cream Tanker 2007 2021 77032
Raspberry Syrup Tanker 2007 Active 77033
Salt Wagon 2007 2013 77034 Later reused for Troublesome Truck #5 and the Sodor Salt Van
RF Container Wagon 2007 2010 77035 Later reused for the 1-Plank Wagons that were released in 2020
6-Ton Wagon 2007 2010 77036 Later reused for Troublesome Truck #4
Henrietta 2008 Active 77028
Red Mail Coach 2008 Active 76040 Later re-used for the Live Lobster Refrigerator Van and the Green Mail Car
Spencer's Coach 2008 Active 76041
Ventilated Van 2009 Active 77026 Later re-used for the GWR Ventilated Van and the Sodor Fruit & Vegetable Co. Van
Flatbed with Paint Drums 2009 2013 77027 Later re-used for the Sodor Logging Company Flat Wagon with Logs
Ice Cream Van 2012 2020 77021
Red Coaches 2015 Active 76038 and 76039 Both sold separately
Green Mail Car 2015 Active 77018
Sodor Salt Wagon 2016 Active 77014
GWR Cattle Wagon 2016 Active 77016
Live Lobster Refrigerator van 2016 Active 77017
Toad 2016 Active 77019
Ventilated Van - Great Western 2017 Active 77011
Ventilated Van - Sodor Fruit & Vegetable Co. 2017 Active 77012
McColl's Cattle Wagon 2017/2018 Never released Unknown Cancelled before release
Sodor Diesel Co. Tanker 2019 Active 77008
Water Tanker 2019 Active 77009
Mining Wagon with Load - Blue 2019 Active 77001
Sodor Coal Co. Wagon with Load 2019 Active 77002
Sodor Scrap Co. Wagon 2019 Active 77003
Sodor Logging Company Flat Wagon with Logs 2019 Active 77004
The Spiteful Brake Van 2019 Active 77010
1 Plank Wagon with Brendam Cargo and Freight crate 2020 Active 77402
1 Plank Wagon with Brendam Bay Shipping Co. crate 2020 Active 77403
1 Plank Wagon with Sodor Steamworks crate 2020 Active 77404
Toby's Museum Coaches 2021 Active 76032 and 70633 Both sold separately
Explosives Box Van 2022 Active 77407

Narrow Gauge

The narrow-gauge line is still in HO scale but runs on N gauge track. This is commonly known as "HOe" or "HOn30". In the United Kingdom this is known as "OO9".


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Skarloey 2015 58601
Rheneas 2017 58602
Rusty 2019 58603
Rheneas (Yellow) 2021 58605 Variant of 58602 Rheneas with yellow livery as seen in Blue Mountain Mystery
Peter Sam 2022 58604
Sir Handel 2023 58606

Rolling Stock

Model Year of Release Year of Discontinuation Item Number Notes
Open Wagon 2015 Active 77201
Blue Box Van 2015 2021 77202
Red Box Van 2015 2021 77203
Slate Wagon with Load 2017 Active 77301
Slate Wagon with Load #101 2017 Active 77302
Slate Wagon with Load #164 2017 Active 77303
Red Carriage 2019 Active 77204
Blue Carriage 2019 Active 77205
Blue Brake Van 2021 Active 77206
Red Brake Van 2021 Active 77207
Red Narrow Gauge High-Side Wagon 2023 Active 77208
Brown Narrow Gauge High-Side Wagon 2023 Active 77209
Green Narrow Gauge High-Side Wagon 2023 Active 77210

Non-Rail Vehicles

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Bertie 2002 42442
Harold 2002 42441
Cranky 2002 42444
Terence 2009 42447
Jeremy 2014 42440

Sodor Scenery

Model Year of Release Year of Discontinuation Item Number Notes
Signal Gantry 2007 2011 45235 Included in a two-pack
Water Tower 2007 2011 45232
Coal Hopper 2007 2011 45233 Reintroduced in a set in 2021
Pedestrian Bridge 2007 2011 45234
Sodor Junction Station 2007 2011 45231
Switch Tower 2009 Active 45237
Tidmouth Sheds 2010 2020 45230 (formerly 45236) Reintroduced in 2022 with DCC-equipped turntable
Tidmouth Sheds Expansion Pack 2010 Active 45238
Sodor Lighthouse 2011 Active 45240
Knapford Station Building Kit 2011 2020 45239
Motorised Windmill 2011 Active 45241
Round Water Tower 2016 2021 45242
Square Water Tower 2016 Active 45243

Resin Scenery

Model Year of Release Year of Discontinuation Item Number Notes
Maithwaite Station 2014 2020 35901
Black Loch Folly 2014 2020 35902
Signal Box 2014 2019 35903
Brendam Warehouse 2014 Active 35904
Engine Shed 2015 Active 35905
Trackside Station 2015 Active 35906
Corrugated Hut 2015 Active 35907
Storage Shed 2015 Active 35908


Model Year of Release Year of Discontinuation Item Number Notes
The Hatt Family 2022 Active 33301 Includes Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt, Stephen Hatt, Bridget Hatt and Dowager Hatt
Railway Personnel 2022 Active 33302
Teacher with School Children 2022 Active 33303
Farmer McColl, Sheepdog and Sheep 2022 Active 33304
Farmer Trotter and Pigs 2022 Active 33305
Narrow Gauge Personnel 2022 Active 33306 Includes Mr. Percival and Mrs. Percival
Santa Claus 2022 Active 00773 Sold in Thomas Saves Santa's Sleigh


Model Year of Release Year of Discontinuation Item Number Notes
Thomas with Annie and Clarabel Set 2002 Active 00642 Includes Thomas, Annie, Clarabel and a Circle of EZ Track
Percy the Small Engine Set 2002 2005 00643 Includes Percy, Troublesome Truck #1, Troublesome Truck #2, and a Circle of EZ Track
Deluxe Thomas and Friends Special Set (Formerly Deluxe Thomas with Annie & Clarabel) 2002 2020 00644 Includes Thomas, Annie, Clarabel, Bertie, Harold, Sir Topham Hatt, and an Oval of EZ Track
James the Red Engine Freight Set 2005 2010 00656 Includes James, Blue Open Wagon, Sodor Fuel Tank, Brake Van, and a Circle of EZ Track
Gordon's Express Set 2005 2010 00668 Includes Gordon, his Express Coaches, and an Oval of EZ Track
Emily's Passenger Set 2007 2018 00684 Includes Emily, her Coaches and an Oval of EZ Track
Thomas' Fun with Freight Set 2008 2016 00683 Includes Thomas, S.C.Ruffey, Red Open Wagon, Cream Tanker, Cattle Wagon, and an Oval of EZ Track
Thomas' Holiday Special Set 2008 2013 00682 Includes Thomas with Removable Santa Hat and Snowplough, Coach with Christmas Decorations, Truck with Christmas Tree, Candy Cane Tanker and an Oval of EZ Track
Salty's Dockside Delivery Set 2010 2017 00696 Includes Salty, 6-Ton Wagon, Raspberry Syrup Tanker, Salt Wagon and an Oval of EZ Track
Thomas' Christmas Express Set 2013 2019 00721 Thomas with Removable Santa Hat and Snowplough, Truck with Christmas Tree, Flat Wagon with Crate, Green Christmas Van and an Oval of EZ Track
Whistle & Chuff Thomas! 2015 2019 00739 Includes Sound-Chipped Thomas, Troublesome Truck #1, Troublesome Truck #2 and an Oval of EZ Track
Thomas' Christmas Delivery 2019 Active 00755 Includes Thomas with Removable Santa Hat and Removable Snowplough, Flat Wagon with Presents, Christmas Brake Van and an Oval of EZ Track
Thomas & Troublesome Trucks 2021 Active 00760 Includes Thomas with Troublesome Truck #1, Troublesome Truck #2, Quarry Tower and an Oval of EZ Track
Thomas Saves Santa's Sleigh 2022 00773 Includes Thomas with Removable Santa Hat and Snowplough, Truck with Sleigh and Christmas Brake Van


  • Hook-and-Loop Couplers
  • Track Play-Tape (Rail, Road and Sound-Fitted Variations)

G Scale


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2009 91401 A DCC Sound Thomas was released in 2016; this was discontinued in 2019
Percy 2009 91402 A DCC Sound Percy was released in 2016
James 2010 91403
Emily 2012 91404
Toby 2013 91405
Winston 2017 91406
Diesel 2021 91407 Previously cancelled in 2018; re-announced in 2020 Catalogue
Paxton 2021 91408

Rolling Stock

Model Year of Release Year of Discontinuation Item Number Notes
Annie and Clarabel 2009 Active 97001 and 97002 Both sold separately
Troublesome Truck #1 2009 Active 98001
Troublesome Truck #2 2009 Active 98002
Emily's Coaches 2011 Active 97003 and 97004 Both sold separately
Coal Wagon with Load 2011 Active 98003
Sodor Fuel Tanker 2011 Active 98004
Tidmouth Milk Tanker 2011 Active 98005
Cargo Car 2011 Active 98006
Oil Tanker 2011 Active 98007
Tar Tanker 2012 Active 98009
S.C. Ruffey 2012 Active 98010
Brake Van 2013 2016 98008
Raspberry Syrup Tanker 2014 Active 98011
Blue Open Wagon 2014 Active 98012
Red Open Wagon 2014 Active 98013
Cream Tanker 2014 Active 98014
Ice Cream Wagon 2016 Active 98015
Sodor Fruit & Vegetable Co. Box Van 2016 Active 98016
Explosives Box Van 2016 Active 98017
GWR Box Van 2016 Active 98018
The Spiteful Brake Van 2018 Active 98021
Toffee Tanker 2019 Active 98022
Water Tanker 2019 Active 98023
Chocolate Syrup Tanker 2019 Active 98024
Mining Wagon with Load - Blue 2021 Active 98025
Sodor Coal Co. Wagon with Load 2021 Active 98026
Sodor Scrap Co. Wagon 2021 Active 98027
Red Coach 2022 Active 97005
Red Brake Coach 2022 Active 97006
Box Van - Brendam Bay Shipping Co. 2022 Active 98028
Box Van - Mr. Jolly's Chocolate Factory 2022 Active 98029


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Sir Topham Hatt 2002 42443

Originally marketed alongside HO scale range

Guard 2008 42445

Originally marketed alongside HO scale range

Farmer McColl 2010 42448


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas with Annie and Clarabel Set 2009 90068

Includes Thomas, Annie, Clarabel, an Oval of Track and DVD Instructions; Discontinued in 2020

Percy and the Troublesome Trucks Set 2009 90069

Includes Percy, Troublesome Truck #1, Troublesome Truck #2, an Oval of Track and DVD Instructions; Discontinued in 2020

Thomas' Christmas Delivery Set 2012 90087

Includes Thomas with Santa Hat and Snowplough, Red Open Wagon with Presents, Decorated Coach, an Oval of Track and DVD Instructions; Discontinued in 2020



  • Thomas' Snowplough (discontinued)


  • DCC Sound Module

N Scale


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas 2020 58791
Percy 2020 58792
James 2022 58793
Toby 2022 58794
Emily 2022 58795

Rolling Stock

Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Annie and Clarabel 2020 76094 and 76095

Both released separately

Troublesome Truck #1 2020 77096
Troublesome Truck #2 2020 77097
Oil Tanker 2020 77093
Fuel Tanker 2020 77094
Water Tanker 2020 77095
S.C. Ruffey 2021 77092
Emily's Coaches 2022 76092 and 76093


Model Original Release Year Item Number Notes
Thomas with Annie and Clarabel Set 2020 24028 Includes Thomas, Annie, Clarabel, and a circle of track
Percy and the Troublesome Trucks Set 2022 24030 Includes Percy, Troublesome Truck #1, Troublesome Truck #2, and a circle of track


  • The 2002 Product Catalogue oddly showed a Lionel O scale Thomas on the front cover.
  • All HO scale four-wheel coaches and brake vans (excluding Henrietta and Toad) are missing their dummy coupling hooks.
  • The first HO scale products released in 2002 (Thomas, Percy, James, Annie, Clarabel, Troublesome Trucks, Bertie, Harold and Cranky) were based on promotional artwork in circulation at the time. Although, Percy's face was based off of one of his smiling faces.
    • Because of this, there are some inaccuracies with some of the engines, most notably James' original HO model. His wheels and axleboxes are painted grey and his smokebox saddle is painted red when they should all be black. The handrails are also white when they should be silver. His tender's brake pipe is also on the wrong side of the coupling hook. The large scale model is devoid of these errors; however, the wheels are unpainted.
      • In an official forum post, a Bachmann representative revealed plans to update James to look more like his television show counterpart in 2015. However, once update artwork was sent to the factory, it was too late to change the production line at the time. James' updated model was released in late 2017, with black tender axle boxes, underframes, drawbar and dummy coupling hooks, as well as silver handrails. The dome, whistle and lining were also painted in a brass colour as opposed to the gold colour of the original model. However, the smokebox saddle remains red and the wheels became unpainted and it still has no front coupler. In 2021, James' smokebox saddle was finally repainted to black.
  • The HO scale oil, cream and raspberry syrup tankers and the mail coach were all initially released as they appeared in the model series but were reissued with their CGI series insignia in 2011.
  • Thomas, Percy and James' HO models do not have front couplers, unlike all the other HO scale locomotives.
  • Thomas, Percy, James, Gordon, Henry and Toby's HO models have grey coupling hooks. Henry and Gordon additionally also have grey brake pipes, axleboxes, and lamp irons. Curiously, however, the sound-equipped Thomas has black coupling hooks. In late 2018, the normal Thomas had his coupling hooks painted black.
  • Thomas, Percy, James, Toby, Oliver, Red Rosie and Daisy (as well as all of Thomas and James' variants) are the only HO engines fitted with lamps. In addition to this, Origin James and the rereleased version of Salty have lamps printed on the back of them.
  • On Emily's HO model and G scale model, her water filler cap is green instead of black.
  • Later releases of Thomas' HO model feature two holes behind his front buffer beam so that his snowplough can be fitted. Also in 2014, the chassis block and wiring contacts on Thomas' HO scale model were redesigned.
  • Edward's model lacks his safety valves, similar to his pre-sixth series model. However, the face used on his model resembles one that never appeared before the sixth series.
  • Henry's tender is slightly shorter in height than in the television series.
  • Gordon's cab is noticeably taller in height than in the television series.
  • On Percy's HO model:
    • The coal bunker is painted grey instead of black and is oversized.
    • The cab steps are mounted on the side of the running board instead of under it. Strangely, his prototype model did not have this problem.
    • Percy is the only HO locomotive not to have a rear dummy coupling hook.
    • He is slightly taller than his television series counterpart due to the way the cylinders are fitted.
  • In 2019, the brown colour on Toby's HO scale model was darkened.
  • Duck was the last locomotive whose model was purely based on his model series model. This is due to the fact that it came out before his return to full CGI.
  • On Duck's HO model:
    • The buffer housings are black instead of red.
    • The prototype model had a black footplate similar to Duck's CGI model and the top of his safety valve was also painted black, but they were changed to grey and green respectively on the production model.
    • There are some different variants of the model with the filler caps on the sandboxes, whilst others do not.
    • He has only one whistle valve instead of two.
  • Donald and Douglas' HO models lack cab side handrails that support the roof.
  • Oliver, Rosie, Ryan, Paxton and Daisy are the only HO locomotives to be based purely on their CGI renders. All other models, including those with CGI faces, borrow elements from the television series models.
  • Oliver's model lacks the tank front handrails.
  • Bill and Ben's HO models have different faces, making it easier to tell them apart.
  • Spencer's footplate flattens out at the cab, unlike his television series model which keeps going at a slope.
  • Both of Rosie's models lack her brake pipes and lamp irons.
  • Rosie is the only HO scale standard gauge tank engine with an open cab.
  • For a short time, Diesel's model was mistakenly sold with red buffers and black buffer housings. This was fixed in 2019.
  • Diesel, 'Arry, Bert, Oliver, Rosie, Ryan, Paxton and Daisy are so far the only engines in the HO scale range to have CGI-styled faces.
  • Diesel's model was used as the basis for 'Arry, Bert and Paxton, due to all of them being BR Class 08 shunters. As a result, 'Arry and Bert have faux wires around their headlights, as well as brake pipes, which they do not have in the series like Diesel and Paxton do.
  • Mavis' pupils became smaller in 2011, but they returned to their original size in 2020.
  • Paxton's prototype was actually a photoshopped Diesel.
  • Due to sharing Diesel's body shell, the HO Paxton's eyes are raised higher than they are in the show, thus causing his whole face to be incorrectly proportioned. This issue was fixed on the large scale model, as both Paxton and Diesel were designed at the same time.
  • Paxton is the first CGI character to be introduced into the Bachmann range for HO scale.
    • Winston is the first CGI character to be introduced into the Bachmann range for large scale.
  • Currently, Thomas, James, Diesel and Rosie are the only HO scale engines with more than one variant.
  • On Annie and Clarabel's HO models:
    • The underframes are painted grey instead of black.
    • The roofs are attached and have plastic frames and rectangles attached underneath them to resemble windows, unlike the Large Scale models that have unattached roofs. Emily's coaches and the Christmas coaches have similar features.
    • Clarabel is missing her guard's compartment.
  • The coaches in the Thomas' Christmas Delivery and Thomas' Christmas Special sets are Emily's coaches repainted.
  • S.C. Ruffey's HO and large scale models both have a face that was not used in the television series on-screen and inaccurately have orange buffers instead of black ones.
  • S.C. Ruffey's HO model's frames are grey instead of rusty orange. This was corrected on his large scale model.
  • There are two versions of the 6-ton wagon; one with white lettering and the other with a more cream tint. The white lettering wagons have an unglossed chassis on the bottom and would have the "K101019".
  • Terence's HO model has a removable snowplough.
  • Despite Terence being a road vehicle, his packaging says "For use on HO/OO scale track".
  • Winston is currently the only character to date to be made in Large Scale but not HO scale.
    • In addition, he is also the first character that was first made in Large Scale, unlike the other characters who were all first made in HO scale and then made again into large scale.
  • The human figures were originally marketed as HO scale, but have been relabelled large scale since the introduction of said range due to being too large.
  • The large scale GWR box van and Sodor Fruit and Vegetable Co. van are depicted as single-vent vans like the ice cream wagon. The HO versions are instead depicted as double-vent vans like the ventilated van. In addition to this, they are the first pieces of rolling stock first made into G scale and then HO later on.
  • The Sodor scenery accessories are recycled models from Bachmann's Plasticville line.
  • The original releases of Emily's coaches had a matte coating on the roofs, but the 2017 releases have the roofs glossed.
  • The HO models of Thomas, Annie, Clarabel, and Emily's coaches (as well as an American caboose also made by Bachmann) made cameo appearances in the 2015 film Ant-Man.
    • In close-up shots, the large scale Thomas is used (albeit with the face altered to resemble the HO one for consistency).
  • Percy's large scale prototype had a green coal bunker.
  • Most wagons throughout the Bachmann range are reused moulds of wagons made in the OO scale Bachmann Branchline and Mainline Model Railways ranges, albeit with the detail reduced. The Narrow Gauge rolling stock also seems to be based on Peco 009 gauge rolling stock, but without brake pipes.
  • The cream tanker is incorrectly coloured white instead of yellow.
  • The blue narrow gauge van has the letters "SR" painted on the side which stand for "Skarloey Railway" while the red van does not. Interestingly enough, the large scale Brake Van similarly has the letters "NW" for "North Western".
  • The narrow gauge van's roofs were most likely originally painted grey but were later changed to white as evidenced by the fact that the underside of the roofs is painted grey and visibly painted white on top afterwards. This change is also likely since the roofs are slightly darker than the Peco models' roofs as a result of being repainted.
  • Bachmann models were used as references for the Percy, James, Gordon and Emily replicas at Thomas Land US.
  • Skarloey is the first locomotive model in the range to not have moving eyes and the first HO scale tank engine with an open cab.
  • The Thomas Deluxe Whistle and Chuff set is similar to the Percy and the Troublesome Trucks set. The only difference is that it comes with a sound-chipped Thomas instead of Percy.
  • The Trackside Station resembles the fourth series Glennock station building, but without the canopy.
  • 'Arry's HO model has more stubble than Bert, instead of the other way around.
  • The 2022 reissue of Salty has several paint changes:
    • He is now overall brighter in colour.
    • His wheels are now unpainted and made of blackened nickel.
    • He now has a painted-on tail lamp.
    • His running board has a black stripe painted across it to make it appear thinner.
  • Thomas and James' G Scale models are featured in the I Love Toy Trains DVD "Ticket to Ride", in which they are operated by Dave Simkowski.
  • Unlike the red version of the mail coach, the green version does not have its CGI mail emblems nor 'Sodor Mail' written in white. In fact, the green mail coach seems to be a "freelance" model as there was never a green mail coach in the television series.
  • Spencer's prototype had differently shaped eyebrows and did not have his whistle, buffers, coupling hook or lamp irons.
  • Packaged Bachmann models of Skarloey and Rheneas are on display at the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Tywyn.
  • In the Large Scale range, all the locomotives have their CGI faces. However, Annie, Clarabel and the two Troublesome Trucks are based on the same 1990s promotional art as the HO ones.
  • The G scale models are larger than the Gauge 1 Model Series models, but run on the same width of track.
  • Thomas and Percy's HO models were recycled as different models with the same moulds in the Bachmann Junior range. Thomas' model was repainted into engines such as 2005, Billy and Stuart. Percy's model was repainted into GWR locomotives and Greg.
  • Contrary to popular belief and what is often stated, the range is OO scale; this is due to the amount of stock reused from OO tooling. The HO label is only included for the fact they are predominantly sold in HO standard countries. Likewise, the narrow gauge range is in OO9 gauge.
  • Gordon's express coaches were the first Bachmann Thomas products to be reintroduced following their discontinuation. In addition, these coaches were given a yellow stripe to match their CGI counterparts.
  • The Red Rosie's window and cylinder lining are silver instead of light grey. She also lacks her rivets.
  • A HO Scale model of Thomas, along with faceless versions of Annie and Clarabel, was used in "High Noon-ish", the third episode of the fourth season of the American detective comedy-drama series Psych.
  • Rosie and Rheneas' crossheads are plastic, instead of metal like the rest of the motion.
  • Rheneas is the first HO scale engine to have a separately fitted handrail.
  • Rusty's model is half the size of his Model Series counterpart; this was probably done to make him in scale with his basis Midlander, which also makes his scale match both the Railway Series illustrations and his CGI render.
  • The PDF version of Toby's blueprints incorrectly labelled him as "Toby the Big Express Engine".[1] This was intended for Gordon's blueprints.
  • The US box for the Thomas with Annie and Clarabel set features normal HO track instead of Bachmann's EZ Track.
  • An alternate version of the James the Red Engine Freight set featured Troublesome Trucks 1 and 2, Bertie and Sir Topham Hatt instead of the blue open wagon, Sodor Fuel tank, and brake van. It is now very rare.
  • The UK releases of the HO scale engines and rolling stock contain several differences to the standard US models:
    • The lamp irons and coupling hooks on all the engines are thicker to comply with UK safety standards (the minimum age was lowered from 8+ to 3+).
    • Thomas' coupling hook on his standard model is painted black.
    • Thomas' eyebrows have been enlarged.
    • Annie and Clarabel have black underframes, gold door handles, and red buffer housings, matching the G and N scale versions.
  • When the N scale Thomas and Percy models were first revealed, their faces had been switched around and had swapped eyebrows.
  • Donald and Douglas share the same facial expression moulding, but with differently painted eyebrows.
  • Following the announcement of the 2021 All Engines Go! reboot, Bachmann replied on Twitter saying that their line will not be affected by the reboot.
  • Unlike the standard versions, the LBSC Thomas has lining on the back of the bunker, a rare feature on modern Thomas models.
  • In 2020 Twitter and YouTube user SodorRyModeler photoshopped a red coach into Toby's museum coach and posted it on his Twitter account. Bachmann saw the page and made their version of the coach taking inspiration from him.
  • Ryan is the first CGI-exclusive steam engine character to be made by Bachmann.
  • The brake van in the Thomas Saves Santa's Sleigh set is a repainted Toad brake van.
  • In March 2022, a prototype HO Mavis was put on eBay.

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