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“I like my engines 'funnel first'!”
―The Fat Controller

Back to Front! is a rhyming magazine story.


One morning, Thomas is the last to leave the shed, but the turntable will not turn. Diesel teases Thomas and the coaches are quite put out by Thomas facing them. Even the Fat Controller confesses that he likes his trains to be "funnel first". Soon the sky turns black and icy hail begins to fall. Much to Thomas' delight, whilst travelling along his branch line, his coal bunker bears the brunt of the heavy hail. Now Thomas thinks that, just sometimes, it is best to be back-to-front.




  • Annie's front and running board are grey instead of the usual orange and black.
  • In the fourth illustration, Thomas' running board is white.
  • Thomas' coal bunker is referred to as a "tender".


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