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“What's that?"
"Is it the monster?"
"For sure it is!"
"It's not a monster. It's us!”
―Donald, Douglas and Harvey

Bad Day at Castle Loch is the eleventh episode of the seventh series.


Donald and Douglas enjoy working on Sodor, but sometimes they long to return to Scotland. One day, they arrive at the docks, where the Fat Controller tells them that Lord Callan is reopening his castle and the twins are to take banners and bunting to the castle for the celebrations. Donald and Douglas are excited, as going to the Scottish castle would be like going home. Harvey tells Percy that the celebrations will be near Castle Loch, which worries Percy. Douglas teases Percy, asking if he thinks the monster who supposedly lives in the loch might catch him. Donald agrees, until Douglas reveals he was just joking and does not believe the monster really exists. Donald insists it does, and the twins argue as they set off.

The twins take their train along the line and spot the castle in the distance, but they have to stop suddenly to avoid hitting a tree that has fallen across their track. Then, to make matters worse, a landslide behind them knocks the brake van off the rails, leaving the train stranded. Douglas' driver calls the Fat Controller, who promises to send help as soon as possible.

But by nightfall, no help has arrived. Suddenly, the twins see a very strange shape coming towards them through the mist. Douglas thinks it is the monster, but as it reaches them, the shape turns out to be Harvey pushing the breakdown train; Donald and Douglas are very relieved.

By morning, the tracks are clear, and Donald and Douglas make their way to the castle. Lord Callan and the Fat Controller both call them very splendid and useful engines, to which the twins heartily agree.




  • Going by production order, this is the tenth episode of the seventh series.
  • Stock footage from Twin Trouble is used.
  • This episode's name is a reference to the movie Bad Day at Black Rock.
  • The legend of the monster in Castle Loch is exactly the same as the legend of the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland. The shadow of Harvey pushing the breakdown train is meant to resemble the shape of the monster just above the loch's surface.
  • This episode marks a few things for Donald and Douglas:


  • When Donald and Douglas puff past the ruined castle, they are pulling the same train that they later take to Castle Loch. They are also missing their faces.
  • When Percy says "I'm glad I am not going there," Douglas has his cross face before he is supposed to be cross.
  • When the twins pull up next to Harvey, they have swapped tracks compared to the previous shot.
  • When the twins think they can see the monster, they are uncoupled from each other.
  • Cranky is missing from his usual spot at Brendam Docks, though his base is still visible.
  • While the twins are arguing about the monster as they pull away, they seem to look happy.
  • Throughout this episode, in many scenes, Donald and Douglas' eyes are wonky.


Percy: Where are you going?
Donald: Lord Callan's Castle.
Harvey: By Castle Loch.
Percy: I'm glad I'm not going to Castle Loch.
Douglas: Scared the monster might get you!
Donald: He might!
Douglas: There's no monster!
Donald: There is too!
Douglas: There is not!
Donald: Is too!
Douglas: Is not!
Donald: Is too!

The Fat Controller: [on the phone] Donald and Douglas trapped by the Loch? I'll send help as soon as I can.


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Chinese Mandarin 湖边城堡的倒霉日
Czech Smolný den u hradního jezera
Danish Søuhyret
Hungarian Balszerencsés Nap a Kastélytónál
Italian Brutta Giornata al Castello
Japanese ロッホじょうのかいぶつ
Korean 성으로 가는 길
Polish Zły dzień na zamku
Romanian O Zi Rea la Castelul Loch
Russian Неудачный день у замкового озера
Swedish Besvär vid Slottssjön
Turkish Loch Kalesinde Kötü Bir Gün
Welsh Castell y Llyn

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