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“Cinders and Ashes!"
―Thomas and Ranger Jill

Banjo and the Bushfire is the twenty-fourth episode of the twenty-second series.


While delivering food supplies, Thomas almost hits a Kuranda Tree Frog with one of his food bags and is warned by another train called Tamika to be careful, because of how the Frogs are endangered. She then tells Thomas about it being amongst several animals that are endangered, and hopes that they can keep it like that.

While getting some water, Thomas encounters a ranger called Ranger Jill who is trying to rescue a Kookaburra. Whilst trying to find it, she hears its cry in the distance and asks Thomas for a lift, for which he agrees. Ranger Jill finds the Kookaburra with some rubbish on its head that wasn't thrown away, as well as a campfire that wasn't put out. She then attempts to warn Thomas about whistling loudly in the forest for fear of scaring the animals.

After rescuing a baby Crocodile that hasn't hatched yet, Jill travels to return it when Thomas attempts to shoo a Koala Bear from the tracks. After Tamika and Jill tell Thomas that he's not treating the animals in the right way, Jill thinks that maybe Thomas should not help her.

Whilst delivering his trucks, Thomas notices a camp fire that looks quite big, only to find that it's actually a bush fire and the animals are in danger. With the Koalas being too slow to escape Jill sets out to rescue them. She's able to get them all, but Thomas notices one that is not with the others and attempts to find it. He does so, and brings it back to Jill. After she and Tamika congratulate Thomas for what he has done, the baby Crocodile that Jill found hatches out of its shell and Jill decides to name it Thomas.






  • Joseph May as Thomas
  • Rose Robinson as Tamika
  • Teresa Gallagher as Annie and Clarabel
  • Keith Wickham as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Tariro Mavondo as Ranger Jill



  • When Thomas is speeding down the line, the chuffing sound effect does not match with how fast he is going.

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In Other Languages

Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Banjo E O Fogo Na Mata
Czech Banjo a požár v buši
Danish Banjo og skovbranden
Dutch Banjo en de Bosbrand
Finnish Banja ja pensaspalo
German Banjo und das Buschfeuer
Hebrew בנג'ו ושריפת היער
Hungarian Banjo és a bozóttűz
Norwegian Banjo og bushbrannen
Polish Banjo i Pożar w Lesie
Russian Лесной пожар
Spanish Banjo y el Incendio en el Matorral
Swedish Banjo och skogsbranden

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