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Beau is an American mining engine with a moustache, who works near the Grand Canyon. He befriended Thomas during his journey around the world, after Thomas derailed outside of a railroad mine.


Thomas & Friends

Beau was taking a freight train when he came across Thomas and Ace speeding towards him before an intersection. While he avoided the runaway, his train was uncoupled and sped after them. After the two derailed, Beau caught up to them and laughed at Thomas' request to find a breakdown crane as those were not used in the area. Taking Thomas' driver and fireman as well as Ace's driver, he left to find people and horses to help them, not returning until the next day. Once the two were upright on the rails and on their way, Beau commented on the way they talked being funny to him.


Beau hails from the American Southwest. This gritty old-timer is able to help Thomas in a moment of need, fixing himself in Thomas' memory and making him forever grateful. Beau is also wise and has a lot of cowboy and cowgirl friends who help him out.

Technical Details


Beau is based on the Baldwin 4-4-0s built for the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, specifically with the fittings currently fitted onto the No. 12 Genoa. Beau's livery, however, resembles the one worn currently by the Central Pacific No. 63 Leviathan replica.

Beau has been slightly modified from his basis with buffers above his cowcatcher (which is flatter and shorter to accommodate them) and behind his tender, which also has a screw-link coupling.


Beau's livery is based on the current one worn by the Leviathan, as he is painted silver and red with gold lining. His boiler is painted silver, his cab is brown and his wheels, tender and cowcatcher are red. His Steam dome is gold. His name and number are painted on the sides of his tender and cab respectively in yellow. Unlike the Leviathan, his whistle is black instead of gold, and his lamp is gold instead of red, as is his sand dome.


Official Description

From Official Media:[1]

Beau: Beau is an old mining engine. He works near the Grand Canyon, in the southwestern United States. Beau thinks Thomas has a funny accent, but he is there for Thomas when he needs help.

Audio Files


First used Last used Sound Effect
Big World! Big Adventures! Big World! Big Adventures!

In Storytime with Mr. Evans and Thomas & Friends: Adventures!, Beau is incorrectly portrayed with Bert's/Rebecca's Whistle.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Storytime with Mr. Evans Thomas and Friends: Adventures!


In addition to having a whistle, Beau also has a bell. He reuses and shares Belle's bell sound.

First used Last used Sound Effect
Big World! Big Adventures! Big World! Big Adventures!


  • In prototype biographies of Beau, it is said that Thomas saved him after he was abandoned. However, this is sort of swapped, as Beau saves Thomas after his crash.
  • Several parts of Beau's model are reused from other engines:
    • His bell is reused from Belle with a different frame.
    • James' temporary headlamp from the fourteenth series episode, James in the Dark is reused for Beau's tail-lamp. It was also the same headlamp that Skiff wears but also it can be used for Sailor John to carry with.
    • His bogie wheels, driving wheels and connecting rods are reused from Lexi, with his driving wheels and flanges scaled up and the rivets on the counterweights removed.
  • In early storyboards, Beau is depicted as a grey tank engine with a cowcatcher and diamond spark arrestor, a design similar to that of Puffa from Thomas & Friends' sister series, TUGS.
  • Despite having front buffers, Beau has no front coupling, making his buffers functionally useless.
  • Although Beau's name is displayed on his tender as well as in the listing for his Wood toy and various promotional pieces, his name has never been spoken in the television series.
  • Beau appears to have been significantly scaled down from his basis, as his cab is only slightly taller than conventional British rolling stock. This would make it hard for his crew to fit in his cab, however his driver is seen standing in his cab, as well as Thomas's crew and Ace's driver entering it; Beau's cab interior could be modified from his basis to accommodate for his reduced size.
  • Beau does not appear to have a fireman, as seen in his promotional video where only his driver is visible in his cab; this could possibly be due to limited space in his cab, as his driver can be seen crouching in his cab.
  • In his promotional video, his bogie wheels stay facing the camera whilst the rest of his body moves.
  • Most of Beau's model was reused for Marcia and Marcio.
  • Beau and Belle are named after the French word for 'beautiful', as well as having the same bell sound.
  • Beau's whistle is Emily's current one, but at an even lower pitch.
  • Beau's character and appearance was presumably inspired by Beau Roosevelt Bennett from the Netflix original series "The Ranch" and his moustache is almost similar to Beau Roosevelt Bennett's moustache as well.
  • Beau's basis is on static display at the California State Railroad Museum while restored to its 1902 appearance.
  • Beau was originally going to have a gray boiler, gold whistle, black tender, black lamp, black cowcatcher, black steam dome, and black sand dome just like his basis.


  • Wood (cancelled 2018; redesign announced but never released.)
  • Top Trumps


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