“...The engine splashed through a big puddle of magic spring water. Then, he took off from the track and steamed through the starry sky!”
―Edward's bedtime story

Bedtime Tale is a magazine story.


One windy, rainy night, Edward tells Mavis a bedtime story to help her go to sleep. The next day, Mavis tells Edward that she cannot wait for tonight's bedtime story. Then the Fat Controller arrives and sends Mavis to work in a lonely old quarry on the far side of the island.

When Edward returns to the engine shed that night, he asks the others where Mavis is. Duck tells Edward that she is in a shed at the old quarry. Meanwhile, Mavis is rolling into the empty quarry shed. It is getting dark as the wind moans and Mavis becomes nervous. Mavis knows she will never be able to sleep as she looks out of the window at all of the scary quarry shadows. Then Mavis hears a faint whistle and spots a cloud of steam. Mavis nervously enquirers as to who is there and, to her delight, Edward replies. Edward tells Mavis that he promised her a bedtime story and he intends to keep his promise. Mavis settles down to listen and is soon sound asleep.




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