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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the 2011 or 2013 magazine story.

“Percy, why do you want to be Gordon? You're perfect being Percy and that's what I want you to be!”
―The Fat Controller

Being Percy is the eleventh episode of the fourteenth series.


It is a busy day at the docks and Percy needs to get to his Mail Vans, but no one takes any notice of him. Then, Percy observes Gordon, who thunders into the docks blowing his whistle. Gordon demands that Salty get out of the way of the express. This gives Percy an idea and later when he wants to leave the docks with his mail, he demands that everyone moves out of his way, just like Gordon.

Later, Percy spots slow, old Toby on the track ahead. This means that Percy has to go slow, too. He orders Toby to move aside, but Toby is so surprised by Percy's outburst that he stops completely. Percy then watches Gordon fly past on the express line. Percy gets an idea and switches onto the express line at the next junction to be just like Gordon.

Percy feels very proud and rushes through Maithwaite station - without stopping to collect his mail. At Maron, Percy meets Allicia Botti, who is waiting for Gordon to take her to the Fat Controller to have a meal. Percy wants to be as good as Gordon, so he tells Allicia Botti to climb into his cab and he will take her to Knapford. Instead of dropping off Allicia Botti at Knapford, however, Percy steams proudly by. But there is trouble ahead.

Gordon and Percy are steaming straight towards each other on the same line. Gordon orders Percy to make way for the express, but Percy stays where he is and tells Gordon to make way for the mail. Neither engine gets out of the way and neither can stop in time. As Gordon approaches, he quickly veers into a siding, where he smashes the buffers and derails. Percy is upset because he is responsible for Gordon's derailment and wants to put things right.

First, he takes Allicia Botti to Knapford and apologises to Miss Botti and the Fat Controller. Next, he puffs quickly to the Search and Rescue Centre, where he asks James to help pull Rocky to rescue Gordon. Soon, Gordon is back on the rails and Percy sets off to collect and deliver the mail. Finally, Percy puffs sadly to Knapford, where the Fat Controller is waiting for him. The Fat Controller asks Percy why he wants to be Gordon when he is perfect being Percy, and all the other engines agree. Percy is now happy to be Percy.




UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa

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  • In one scene, the bird watcher can be seen at Maithwaite station, but in the very next scene, he can be seen on the platform at Maron station.
  • When James and Percy arrive with Rocky, Gordon's express coaches have moved to a different track.
  • When Gordon veers into the siding, Percy can be seen on the right side of the screen for a split second before the scene changes, even though the points were still set towards the siding.


“I like being Gordon, It makes me feel bold. I'll do what I want to, not what I'm told!”
“I'm really just Percy, I'm small and I'm green. I'm silly, I'm slow, I don't want to be seen!”


In Other Languages

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Language Title
Brazilian Portuguese Sendo Percy
Catalan En Percy és com és
Chinese Mandarin 培西的风格
Czech Být Percym
Danish At være, eller ikke være Percy
Finnish Peikkä Pekka
French Dans la peau de Percy
German Percy will Gordon sein
Percy will wie Gordon sein
Greek Το να εισαι Ο Περσι
Hungarian Percy bőrében
Indonesian Menjadi Percy
Japanese パーシーはパーシー
Korean 퍼시답게
Latin American Spanish Siendo Percy
Norwegian Å Være Percy
Polish Być Piotrkiem
Romanian Fiind Percy
Russian Смельчак Перси
Slovenian Biti Poldi
Swedish Att vara Percy
Turkish Percy Olmak
Welsh Percy Ydi Percy

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