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Beppe is a small coach from Italy who works with Lorenzo.


Thomas & Friends

When Lorenzo got lost in the Old Italian Mines, Beppe got lost with him. The pair were later rediscovered by Thomas and rescued by Stefano after being left hanging over a cliff by the sea.

Later, when Gina was asked to take Dame Bella Canto to The Colosseum, Lorenzo suggested that she use Beppe - albeit this was only so that he could fetch a bigger coach so that he could take her instead. Beppe ended up carrying Dame Bella's Orchestra instead, however he became worried when Lorenzo did not show up and - with Gina's help - found him lost in an old scrapyard.

When Thomas wanted to learn opera, Beppe and Lorenzo tried to teach him. In the end, the pair were unable to do so, concluding that he simply was not cut out for it.


Beppe is Lorenzo's small coach - he loves to sensationalize situations and idolises Lorenzo. Beppe and Lorenzo are like an operatic double act and often break out into song. Beppe sings the bass notes to Lorenzo's tenor voice.

He is well-behaved and always in a musical mood, and when Lorenzo gets singing, he doesn't hesitate to join in, though the two usually choose to do so regardless of their surroundings (almost trapping them with a cave collapse). Much like any coach, Beppe doesn't take nonsense from Lorenzo lightly, and the tender engine's curiousity and quest for fame usually ends up annoying him in one way or the other. Like other small characters, Beppe prefers thinking of himself as useful despite his size, and always has Lorenzo's back in the end, though he also sees Gina as a good substitute.

Technical Details


Beppe is based on the Turkish Sultan Abdulaziz's private coach, built in 1866 by the Metropolitan Railway Carriage & Wagon Company. The carriage was found abandoned in a shed and was restored by the Rahmi M. Koç Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Unlike his basis, Beppe does not posess a rear balcony, his roof is lowered and his front is made up of a 4x2 grid as opposed to a 5x2 grid.


Beppe is painted vibrant orange with powder blue panels and gold trim. Along with his yellow wheels, his roof is black and he has brass nameplates on his side.


Voice Actors


  • Some online listings for the TrackMaster Lorenzo and Beppe pack refer to Beppe as Pepe. This may have either been his original name during development or a misspelling.


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