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Beresford is a rolling gantry crane who works at a canal on the Mainland.


Thomas & Friends

When Thomas was travelling to Bridlington Goods Yard, he met Beresford who stopped Thomas and demanded Thomas to tell him something new. This lead to Beresford singing Who's Thomas?, though Thomas tricked him and passed through underneath him. Later on, Beresford picked Thomas up with his hook and helped him to hide from Hurricane and Frankie after escaping from the Steelworks. This ended up with Beresford befriending him. He also appeared later on when Thomas and James passed by making their way back home to Sodor. [1]

Thomas would later meet Beresford again after taking a wrong turn on his way to see the Queen. After a short conversation, Thomas set off with directions from Beresford. However, he ended up opposite from where the crane said to go. [2]


Beresford is usually very lonely having no one to talk to, with engines often passing through with other work. His rather aggressive way of getting to know new engines makes it hard for him to make friends, as shown by him dropping a fishing boat in front of Thomas and slinging him up with his hook in a later encounter. But he is well meaning, though jealous of the freedom engines have to go anywhere.

Technical Details


Beresford is based on a Stothert & Pitt electric rolling gantry crane. Four examples of this crane type are preserved at the M Shed museum at Prince's Wharf, Bristol. Carter is also based on this crane.


Beresford is painted dark blue with red and yellow lining and white hazard stripes.



  • Beresford speaks with a Caribbean accent.
  • Beresford is the first character to be voiced by an actor of African descent.
  • Beresford often bonks himself on the nose with his own hook.



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