“Please let me past, Trevor! I am having a race with Thomas. We need to show that roads are better than tracks!”

Bertie and the Race is a magazine story illustrated using photographs from the television series.


Thomas is taking the children to their annual sports day. Thomas overhears one boy desiring to win a medal. Thomas thinks it must be splendid to win a medal. He later tells Bertie that he wants a medal, but Bertie tells Thomas he will have to win a race first. So they agree to start a race. Thomas nearly reaches the station, until he is flagged down at a level crossing. The Fat Controller is there and tells Thomas that the medals for the sports day have been left in his office. So Thomas goes to collect them. When he gets back the Fat Controller is very pleased to see Thomas. The Fat Controller then gives each of the winners a gold medal hanging from a red ribbon. The following morning, he is surprised to see Bertie and the children when they give him a home-made sports day medal.





  • In the final image, Bertie and the children are shown at Maithwaite, but in the following image which shows Thomas wearing his medal, he is at Knapford and Bertie and the children are not seen. Also, the medal, said to be made by the children, is exactly the same as the medals the Fat Controller handed out at the sports day.
  • The end of the set can be seen in one of the photographs.


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