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“This is your ghost, Toby. His name's really Bertram. But we call him "the Old Warrior" because he's so brave.”
―The Signalman introducing Toby to Bertram[src]

Bertram, nicknamed "The Old Warrior" by the railway staff because of his bravery, is an old narrow-gauge tank-tender engine who worked at the mines. He lived on a remote part of the Island that was once very rarely visited.


Thomas & Friends

Bertram used to work at the mines, near the Mid Sodor Railway and Tidmouth Bay. His fate was unknown to many after the mine's closure, and it was assumed he was left to rust. He remained at the mine until it was rediscovered years later.

Over time, he became legendary; many knowing of the "old warrior ghost" haunting the mine. However, one night Toby discovered Bertram whilst watching over the mine and castle, which were being restored to accommodate visitors. At first, Toby thought Bertram was a ghost, but the two have since become firm friends. Bertram was later restored and became responsible for transporting passengers to and from the mine and the castle, taking passengers to the fairground within.


Not much is known about Bertram's personality; however, it is said that he is very brave and that he and Toby are firm friends. Toby states that if there are any ghosts at the mine, they certainly make the place feel very happy.

Technical Details


Bertram is based on Prince, a George England tank-tender engine from the Ffestiniog Railway at Porthmadog, North Wales. Unlike his basis, Bertram is built to 2ft 3in gauge, while Prince is built to 1ft 11½in gauge. Duke is also based on Prince and has the same modifications as Bertram.


Bertram is painted dark brown with red lining.

In some of his merchandise, he has two brown or red nameplates on the sides of his saddle tank with his name painted on them in gold. Bertram's original Wooden Railway toy depicts him with a red cab roof, domes, and lining. He also has a black letter L in place of his nameplate on both sides.


Official Description

From Official Website:[1]

Bertram: Bertram lives on a remote part of the Island that once was very rarely visited. Toby discovered Bertram when he had to stay to guard the mine and castle, which were being restored to accommodate visitors. At first, Toby thought Bertram was a ghost!  Now they are good friends, and are responsible for getting passengers to and from these new tourist attractions.

Fun Fact: Bertram is nicknamed "Old Warrior" by the railway staff because of his bravery.

From Official Website:[2]

Bertram: Bertram is an old engine who works at the restored mine taking passengers to the fairground that is at the mine. When Toby first saw him, he thought Bertram was a ghost. Since they have met, Bertram and Toby have become good friends.

Fun Fact: Bertram is also known as 'Old Warrior'.


  • Bertram was the first non-Awdry narrow gauge engine to be introduced in the television series (not counting Smudger, who replaced Stanley).
  • According to Britt Allcroft, Bertram was supposed to be a tank engine, but financial difficulties led the crew to repaint Duke's model with Smudger's face.
  • Bertram's original Wooden Railway toy depicts him in his "tank engine" form, and a model in his "tender engine" form was released in 2016.
  • Bertram's Ertl toy, TrackMaster prototype toy, and the 2014 map spelled his name as "Bertrum".
  • Bertram's Ertl prototype, Trading Card, and promotional artwork images have Duke's face. However, his eyebrows on his Trading Card point differently than Duke's.
  • Bertram's Ertl toy, TrackMaster toy, and Trading Card depict him with a flat-square cab roof. However, his television series model has slight curves on the ends.
  • During production of the eighth series, Bertram's model was reverted back into Duke. However, it was painted with an incorrectly lighter shade of brown.
  • Bertram's total screentime in the episode he appears in (Plus the show in general) is 19 seconds.
  • When Duke's model was painted into Bertram, Duke's nameplates were left on the model, but went without text.



“Beware of the ghost, Toby."
"W-W-what ghost?"
"The old warrior ghost. Every night he lights his fire then goes hunting. Toot toot, goodbye!”
Thomas telling Toby about the "Old Warrior"[src]


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