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Bertram's Old Mine was a lead mine near a castle. Bertram works here.


Long ago, the lead mine was worked by both narrow and standard gauge engines, however it - along with Bertram - was later abandoned.

Many years later, Toby discovered the mine when he took Sir Topham Hatt and his grandchildren exploring. While on guard one night, Toby found Bertram, initially thinking he was a ghost.

Since then, the mines have been restored and reopened as a tourist attraction with a fairground and a narrow gauge line operated by Bertram. Toby often brings visitors to the mines via the standard gauge line, where a small station has been constructed.[1]




  • The 2014 map of Sodor by former Railway Consultant Sam Wilkinson incorrectly refers to these mines as the Sodor Gold Co. Fifth series concept art has since revealed that the mines were lead mines.


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